Checking your Car's Tire Pressure

by Evander Klum - Date: 2007-05-12 - Word Count: 440 Share This!

Ok. So you got a good engine, better exhaust and a generally clean car. But what about the tires, are they also in good condition? No matter how good looking is you car, keep in mind that tires are also essential parts of your car.

One of the factors in a quality performance, tire pressure should be included in the regular check up of your car. Ideally, though, they are usually checked every month. But if they already look low, go check them.

A tire pressure gauge is the primary tool use in checking the tire pressure. Just make sure the gauge is functioning well. If you do not have one in the garage, you may purchase in your reliable auto shops or you may use one in the gas station. But the latter is used by several customers, so make sure the one you got can really do its task.

Upon buying your car you must know the amount of tire pressure your tires have. Having an idea on this will help you in having consistent tire pressure every time you check those tires. In other cars, however, on the driver side doorjamb is a guide or information pertaining to the tires and their pressure.

It is important to know first the appropriate pressure for your tires before checking them. And the, having such idea, remove the screw on the caps of the tire air valve and press the tire pressure gauge against it. Never allow air to come out from the tire valve, so make sure to keep the tire pressure gauge firm against the tire valve.

The tire pressure gauge will let you know your tires' pressure after you have the tire pressure gauge connected with the tire valve. This will also inform you whether the tires still need more air or not. In case more air is still needed, do again the procedure, this time carefully, so that air limit will not pass. In case tire pressure is correct, simply disconnect the air pressure gauge from it and screw the valve cap back in its place.

Knowing the type of wheels your car has is also an appropriate thing to know when talking about tires. It could be steel or alloy wheels.

An alloy is composed of the same mixture of two or more elements. The term "alloy"
is often times referred to as that word synonymous to a particular alloy. Say, in automotive, wheels are made up of aluminum alloy. These are mostly referred to as "alloy wheels". This is often confusing because steels and most of other metals in practical use are also alloys.

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