Protopic: Ointment for Moderate to Severe Eczema

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Suffering from ‘eczema'? Eczema can be defined as a group of inflamed skin condition. It can be triggered by a number of reasons, and no one reasons can be attributed for its cause. This skin condition can be effectively with the aid of topical medications such as Protopic and Elidel.

Protopic is an ointment which can treat moderate to severe eczema effectively. It is a FDA endorsed prescription topical calcineurin inhibitor which is to be employed only after other medications have been unsuccessful to act against eczema. It comprises white petrolatum which is well-tolerated by every one. Protopic can be primarily understood as a non-greasy ointment without any alcohol which may make the skin dry.

This ointment is accessible in two strengths of 0.1 % and 0.03%. Children from 2-15 years are recommended usage of 0.03% ointment. This medication ought to be used for shorter periods, and if required the treatment can be repeated after intervals. It has demonstrated to exhibit improvements as early as 1 week. The results may differ from individual to individual.

It acts by obstructing the T-cells commencement and propagation. T-cells generate creation of calcium, which augments and heads to calmodulin to activate calcinerium. The molecules of Protopic enter into the skin and penetrate the T-cell membrane. In the presence of this medication, the activation of T-cells is inhibited, thereby treating symptoms of eczema.

Inform your dermatologist in relation to your medical record counting weakened immune system among others. Children below the age group of 2years should not use this medication. Do not use Protopic medication for a long term as it can be detrimental for your health. It is to be exclusively applied on the eczema affected region. A before-hand discussion with your doctor is recommended prior to beginning of Protopic treatment to ward off any future complications.

You may experience side effects such as burning of the skin, stinging, and itchiness on the region and where Protopic ointment is applied. These side effects occur in the initial phase of the treatment and elude within a short course of time. Immediate medical help should be asked for if these or any other side effects become troublesome.

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