Duvets: How They Can Enhance Your Bedroom Décor

by Sara Seeley - Date: 2010-09-19 - Word Count: 239 Share This!

Duvet covers from Crate & Barrel or Domestications give a new look to a room. This is an easy item to change out. It can take your room in a totally new direction or coordinate with your existing bed skirt or window treatment.


Duvet covers have several purposes. These items are easy to clean. Look for washable fabrics. This means that you won't need to take your down comforter to the dry cleaners as often. It helps you protect your investment because oftentimes the covers are a lot less expensive than the down comforter.


Since these products are so budget friendly you can experiment with a lot of different colors and patterns. You can always leave the cover off if you just want a plain solid piece of fabric. Experiment with retro stripes or go for a bold color on the duvet. If you do go with a white duvet make sure that it has lots of ruffles or pin tucks for an interesting texture.

Look for trendy items and patterns like contemporary foliage prints or mosaic inspired pieces. This also works well in a kid's or teen's room where your child is constantly changing his or her mind about favorite colors or styles. You'll still get all of the warmth of a down comforter but in a totally new pattern. Oftentimes, down comforters come in simple color palettes and solid fabrics so this is a way to combine both quality and style.

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