What Do Leaders Have In Common?

by Jaime Jones - Date: 2010-08-26 - Word Count: 468 Share This!

Who are "THEY"?
"THEY" are all the top performers -- the best of the best. But what does it take to make it to the top? It's what THEY have in common. Let's examine the characteristics of those who achieve. This is what distinguishes the best from the rest at any successful company.

First, every top performer displays a genuinely positive attitude. A positive attitude is more than just thinking good thoughts. A person's attitude can make all the difference. They believe in what is possible. They believe there are solutions to all issues. They are enthusiastic about their jobs and are enthusiastic about their lives. They pay no attention to and distance themselves from the naysayers.

The 2nd most predominant characteristic of a champion is activity. Let's face it, this is a numbers game. The front-end numbers of yesterday don't provide the same yield today. It's pretty much a sure bet that simply put, those who spent the most time working made the most money. Those at the highest level end their day when the goal is achieved, not when the hours have expired. These people display a willingness to work hard at what they desire to achieve. Working hard is the most fundamental and the most important characteristic of any champion. Be assured, the competition is working hard…right now!

Another important characteristic of an achiever is he never stops learning. Achievers constantly look for ways to improve. They keep their minds open to new techniques. They search out people and methods to sharpen their saws. If you're not getting better at what you do, you're probably becoming average at what you do.

Achievers are passionate about what they do. If you love what you do, it becomes easier. When what you do becomes easier, the energy spent on stress and overcoming obstacles can be spent on some of the more positive characteristics described here. Passion fires you up; it produces energy. And it gives you a sense of unlimited potential and possibilities.

Top performers are short-term goal setters, and they have a plan. Know what you want to accomplish today. More importantly, know how to accomplish today's goal. Long-term achievement is really a compilation of short-term goals realization. The moment takes care of the day, the day will take care of the week, the week will take care of the month, and the month will take care of the year. Break down your goal. Understand that today's accomplishment is a component of tomorrow's recognition.

Finally, a winner gives back. A wise man once said that if you catch a passion for helping others, a richer life will come to you. While meeting your goals and being recognized for it provides a sense of satisfaction, full satisfaction can't come until you have reached out and helped another.

After all, didn't someone help you?

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