Comparing Miele Vacuum Models

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For most people, comparisons of household products like vacuum models rarely go beyond surface level comparisons like price or color. But when committing to purchase a Miele vacuum, known to be one of the best vacuum cleaners and the market, comparing Miele vacuum models is important in order to ensure you are not wasting your money on the wrong style. Your Miele vacuum will likely be with you for over 20 years or more, and choosing the right vacuum is important.

Comparing Miele Vacuum models comes down to these basic criteria:

Do you need it to combat allergies?
Do you plan on using a canister or upright vacuum cleaner?
Does your home tend to get very dirty?
What type of carpeting/flooring do you have?
What are your noise preferences?

Allergy Fighters

Many Miele vacuums are made with a HEPA filter - one of the strongest filters on the market for reducing allergens in the air. Since most vacuums actually increase air allergens (by sucking them out of the carpet and dispersing them in the air), many people choose Miele vacuums because of their allergy fighting abilities. But not all of the models are equipped with HEPA technology. Of the models that are, the Miele Capricorn, the Miele Aquarius, the Miele Pisces, the Miele Luna and the Miele s168 Upright are the most effective.

In addition, the Miele Antares, the Miele Carina, the Miele S163 Upright, the Miele S514 Uprught and the Miele Orion all come with a standard air filter that is not quite as powerful as HEPA but still somewhat effective. There are HEPA filters made for these vacuums, however, they simply need to be purchased separately.


Although uprights are more user friendly, canister Miele vaccums tend to be better at controlling allergens. The motor is larger and more powerful, allowing for stronger suction, while the HEPA filter tends to be better sealed allowing for less allergen leakage. Still, for those that need to vacuum a large house quickly, the uprights are often easier to use.

The Miele S168 Universal Upright is the best upright vacuum for reducing allergens, if you must have an upright, though there are many premium canister types that may be better suited for your specific allergy requirements.

Large/Dirty Home

If you have a large home, or you have animals or children that tend to make a significant mess, you will need a vacuum with a large bag capacity. The Miele Capricorn, Miele Aquarius, Miele Callisto and Miele Pisces are have large capacities (4.8 quarts) but the only uprights that have large bags are the Miele S184 Powerhouse and the Miele S183 Powerhouse, each with almost 5 quarts of space.

These models, due to their large capacity, tend to be slightly more expensive, but for those with a lot of cleaning they may drastically cut down on time, effort and cost in the long run.


Carpet and hardwood flooring have different needs, and they also have different vacuums. Homes with all (or mostly) carpet require one of the vacuums that works well with significant carpeting. The Miele Powerbrush models, which include the Capricorn, Aquarius, CS514, Callisto and Capella are all made for that purpose. Other models, such as the Pisces and Antares, are made with a turbo brush that work well on both smooth floors and carpet, especially low-medium carpet.

The Carina, Luna, Orion and S163 Upright are best for smooth floors and low carpets.


Miele models are known for their quiet delivery despite being some of the most powerful vacuums on the market, but certain models to a better job of adding sound insulation, including the Capricorn, the Aquarius, the Callisto and the Pisces. Currently there are no upright models that carry the same insulation, though the uprights tend to be quieter than many of the non-Miele models.

All models come with the same amount of power (between 1000-1200 watts), so choosing a lower or higher watt model is unlikely to cause an increase or decrease in noise.

Weighing Options

Miele vacuums are some of the pricier vacuums on the market, and they are also the most durable. As such, it is important to consider what you need in a vacuum before purchasing one of the Miele vacuums, as you are committing to your vacuum for 20 years old longer with regular use. Comparing Miele vacuum models can take some time and consideration, but it is far worse to purchase the wrong model than it is to wait a day or so to consider the available options.

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