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Classic Records: are they still available?

The unforgettable tunes of the world famous musicians and the singers of the past are till date in great demand, the world over. You may always cherish to preserve those rare musical collections. Basically the classic music was composed during the 19 th century. The era between Johann Sebastian Bach to Ludwig van Beethoven is the "Golden Age" of Classical Music. The Classic Records preserve these types of music.

Importance of Classic Records:

For a better understanding of the importance of Classic Records, you will have to first understand the difference between classical music and popular music. This distinction is made on the basis of the choice of instrumentation. The instruments used in Classic Records were invented much before the 19th century. These instruments are somewhat similar to the Orchestra.

Some of the renowned Classic music performers, Oistrakh, Martzy Haendel, Du Pre, Szeryng, Bernstein, Furtwangler, De Vito, Fournier, Mainardi, Francois, Gieseking, Kempe, Heifetz, Karajan, Schuricht, Klemperer, Lipatti, Neveu used instruments like piano and harpsichord which are not used in popular music.

In the recent times you can get a feel of the Classic Music in some contemporary compositions. However, they cannot be claimed to be Classic Records on that ground. While you hear the classical records attentively, you will notice amazing use of certain technicalities. The wonderful use of



sophisticated harmonies

subtle variation rather than exact repetition,

make the tunes of the legends like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tubby Hayes, and other Classic Music fabulous and unique. You will feel like hearing those records over and over again. Every time you hear, you can discover newer and attractive reasons for your liking of those Classic Records. Though classic music often reflects certain complications by itself, yet it will remain unforgettable forever.

It has been noticed that the craze for classic music has dropped to a considerable extent since 1900s.Yet; there is a growing demand of Classic Records from the parents. Parents today try their level best to make their children hear classical music exclusively.

Though the classical records are rare, yet you can find them online. Only you have to select the correct place. Whether your interest is in Audiophile (TAS list), piano, string violin, quartet, cello, orchestral, opera, Decca SXL, Mercury, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca LXT, Columbia 33CX, Columbia SAX, or EMI ASD all the Classic Records are well preserved and still available.

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