Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings Are a Woman's Best Friend

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Another name for Black Pearl is the Tahitian Pearl. The story behind the name is the way how the pearl is produced. It is made from the large, black lipped pearl oyster that is called the Tahitian black pear oyster. This mollusk is located in the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Tahiti is popular for its crystalline and tranquil waters coaxing tourists to visit their shores for a well-deserved break. The beautiful islands surrounding the grounds add up to the rarity of the black pearl produced by the black-lipped oyster.

Historically, the first pearl farms that started searching for Tahitian pearls are located in Hikueru in the 1960s. Hikueru is the island in Bora Bora. Successful harvests then led to the exports of Tahitian Black Pearls from 1965 until 1972. Hikieru was notorious for their production of these precious materials.

Tahitian Pearls reached neighboring islands like Mangareve and Marutea Sud. The high demand for the Tahitian Pearl only motivated pearl farmers to get more.

Tahitian Pearls are usually slightly gray. Some are bluish black. But because Tahitian Pearl is for anyone who likes precious gems, stores selling this kind of stone offers a wide selection of unique designs.

Now everybody wants a good story. According to legend, the Tahitian Black Pearl came down from heaven in the form of a drop of water. The drop water fell into the sea which headed straight to the inside of an open shell. It was breeding period. The quality of each Tahitian Black Pearl depends on the dew that fell into the particular share.

If the rain was pure, the pearl was lustrous. If it dull, then it didn't rain. If it's merely cloudy then the color of the Tahitian pearl is spoiled. Lighting and thunder were also factors in the cultivation of the Tahitian Pearl. Lighting stunts the growth while thunder can cause the shellfish to miscarry and produce hollow husks instead of precious pearls.

Poets from the Orient believe that every sixteenth day of the Nisan month each year, the pearl oysters rise up above the sea. Their shells open up in order to get raindrops falling from the skies above.

The poet Sadi wrote in an interesting fable that a drop of water fell from a cloud into the sea one day. It felt confused and at the same time ashamed because it was set side by side with an immense body of water. It believed that its existence is nothing compared to the boundless abyss. Then to its surprise, it blossomed in the bosom of the pearl-shell and became a magnificent black pearl. Later on, it donned the crown of a king.

That's why Oriental people consider the Tahitian pearl so precious because of the legend connected to it. The story mentioned above shows a lesson that by being humble one can gain exaltation.

But in reality, Tahitian pearls can be cultivated. When a pearl is said to be cultivated, human beings assisted in creating such an organic gem. True that each pearl begins as a piece from the mollusk or oyster but once the nacre kicks in and forms layers after layer, then the pearl is produced later on.

Black Tahitian pearl earrings are magnificent creation and has become to be the most popular pearl in the world. These earrings are luminous and are celebrated for their rich, deep colors. Amazingly, they have a perfect spherical shape.

Pearl experts know that obtaining a spherically perfect pearl is a rarity for pearl farmers. The closest to it being a perfect circle, the more valuable the pearl. As for black Tahitian pearl earrings, a majority of them have perfect spherical shapes. That is exactly the reason why these make the wearer stand out when in a crowd. Black Tahitian pearl earrings are simply exquisite.

In fact, lately, Tahitian pearl earrings have become a fabulous hit to women, that it is not only produced in black. Other manufacturers sell white gold Tahitian cultured pearl earrings which is also considered to be a rarity and a precious jewelry to possess.

Some Tahitian pearl earrings include white gold karat making them more expensive than the average pearl.

Since it is already Christmas, why not add black Tahitian pearl earrings on your list. One special lady must deserve that great gift.

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