Roles In A Successful Website Project

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These days designing a web site can be a massive undertaking and you need a team of people each with their own skills and expertise to create a successful website.

There was a time when the one man team approach was sufficient but as websites have become complicated in their scope and critical to a businesses success, they have required the inputs of a diverse selection of people, from the business people who set the strategy to the coders and designers.

People who should be involved in the production of a successful website include:

1. Business People - It is essential that the people at the top who set the strategy for the business get involved with the creation of the website from the beginning. Their role should be to set the goals for the site and to make sure that it is coherent with the rest of the company's objectives. The marketing department is also included in this group. They should have a plan on how they are going to attract people to the site by drawing up an online and offline strategy.

2. Project Manager - A project manager is important to that the site can stay on course and 'scope creep' is avoided. The role of the project manager is to manage the team and make sure everybody is doing what they should be doing. Manage the goals of the project to make sure they are being met and to make sure everything is in budget.

3. Designers - The designer is responsible for the appearance of the site. It is their job to come with a unique look and design that is suited to the project at hand.

4. Developers - Developers or programmers take the design created by the designers and code the site so it is viewable in the browser for all to see. Developers can use a variety of programming languages such as ASP, PHP, Java etc. to get the job done.

5. Information Architects - The role of the information architect is to come up with a site map showing how the whole site fits together and how people will interact with it. This is an important role but often neglected.

6. Copy writers - Copy writers are becoming more and more important as the importance of SEO rises, and it is their job to write content that not only promotes the business and gets conversations but is also SEO optimised.

As you can see it really takes a diverse set of skills to create a successful modern day website and lacking one of the skills could mean you increase the chance of failure.

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