Fake Or Original Handbags- Who Can Make Out?

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Handbags are such accessories that all women love to have and boast about. Of the various fashion accessories that women make use of, handbags are probably the only ones which are available in a wide variety and can suit the needs of all types of women. Handbags are available in many designs, styles and colors. These are manufactured by different designers and are sold at different prices. Most designer handbags are sold at very high prices because of the label that they possess.

Since the designer bags are very expensive, most women refrain from buying them. An alternative for these women is to purchase fake handbags which are replicas of the original designer handbags. Fake designer handbags have become quite popular among women and almost all women make use of these handbags instead of buying the original ones. The fake bags are available at a very reasonable price and can be purchased from local market easily. This is one of the main reasons why these handbags have become so popular among women.

Fake handbags are exact copies of the original designer bags. These are made in the same style, design and color of that of the original handbags. One cannot even make out whether the bag being carried is a fake one or an original one. For instance, take Chanel fake handbags; these are made from imported leather and the craftsmanship is so neat that one just cannot find out that the bag is a fake one.

Where most people fail to differentiate between the original and the fake bags, there are others who can easily make out a fake designer handbag. There are various things that can giveaway a fake handbag. The first is the label of the handbag. Usually, the label on a fake bag will have wrong spellings of the name of the designer. Also the label will look more like a tag which has not been made in a neat manner.

Another thing of a handbag that can help people make out whether the bag is a fake one or an original is the material used in the construction of the handbag. Though most of the times, best quality materials are used for making fake handbags, there might be times when the quality of the material used is not very good and one can easily make out a fake bag.

One can even make out that a handbag is not an original one if the bag is not given in a box which most designers provide. Also a fake bag will usually not have a booklet describing its quality. In addition, fake bags usually have some problems in the manner in which they have been stitched. These may even have problems with their handles and zips. Some handbags may even lose their color in sunlight or get deformed if they are not original ones.

The best giveaway of fake bags is the price. Original designer handbags can never be sold at reasonable or cheap price ranges as opposed to fake ones which almost all type of women can afford.

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