Pain Pill Addiction; Ultram detox and the real risks of Ultram addiction

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It's incredible just how immense the problem of addiction to prescription pain pills has become in the last few years alone, and current estimates have more than 6 million Americans addicted, and actively using narcotic type pain killers every day.

We often get seduced by these pills with their veneer of doctor prescribed safety; and since they feel so good and we are getting them legitimately, it's all too easy to fall into abuse, and from abuse addiction looms closely.

The big and scary names like vicodin, oxycontin and morphine may dominate the headlines and do represent a major fraction of the abuse problems in the country, but other lesser known pain killers also present with troubling addictions and a painful detox, and since they are less well known and the risks less publicized, people are in a way more vulnerable to the risks of addiction.

Ultram is widely touted as a relatively non addictive opiate type pain pill, and used as a substitute for more potent pills on some occasions. Although the manufacturer concedes to some potential for abuse, doctors seem relatively unconcerned with this abuse potential and seemingly unaware of the tens of thousands who struggle with Ultram addictions. A prescription to Ultram is easy to get; and it's also quite readily available over the internet without a need for a prescription.

Ultram addicts tell a different story

A quick browsing of the many internet forums devoted to the pains of an Ultram addiction will soon tell you of a reality far different from the message coming from your doctor's office, and thousands have developed long and painful addictions to this narcotic type pain killer. Although the high is not as intense as for some other pills, the addiction seems as entrenching, and the period of detox as long and as uncomfortable.

Symptoms of Ultram detox

The symptoms of Ultram detox are similar to withdrawal pains from any form of opiate. Symptoms will peak within a day of cessation of use, and will start to subside after 3 or 4 days. Long term withdrawal symptoms may last for months after sobriety is achieved.

There is a real risk of seizures involved in a cold turkey detox, and you are not advised to attempt a sudden stop without medical supervision. Most people attempt to wean themselves off of the drug gradually over a period of months or even years. Unfortunately, this weaning process gets harder as you get closer to your ultimate goal of complete abstinence.

Detox symptoms

Leg restlessness
Breathing Problems

Get professional help

If you find yourself addicted to Ultram, and you find that you cannot get off the pills on your own, you may require a professionally supervised period of detox followed by a period of residential care and therapy. An addiction to Ultram is a serious dependency, and like any dependency, requires commitment, motivation, and often professional help to better.

Although doctors may maintain that the drug has a low potential for abuse, the thousands addicted and suffering through detox would tell of another story, and you should be very cautious if taking the pills medically, or even recreationally, to avoid an addiction and the then inevitable period of detox that must follow.

Recovery is possible

An addiction to Ultram is serious, you need to take it slow, and you may need professional help. Recovery is possible; and anything less than recovery and freedom from addiction cannot be tolerated.

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