How To Impress The Pants Off Anyone, Figuratively Speaking Of Course

by JAMES DELROJO - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

When I've asked people in my courses why they really want to achieve their goals, a very common answer is they really want to impress certain other people with their success. Well here's a way to impress people today and it's not that hard to do if you're serious about it.

Precious metals and gem stones are expensive because they have the combination of being both desirable and rare. In fact the more desirable and the rarer they are the greater their price tag will be.

Well here is a little success habit for you that is highly desirable and extremely rare these days. It is also very valuable because if applied in the right way it can make you a fortune.

The success habit I am talking about is making promises and keeping them.

A few years ago one of the major insurance companies became concerned about insurance agents being held in low regard by the general public. They thought that if they could find out exactly why this was so that they could do something to raise the status of their agents and give them an edge in the market place.

They commissioned a massive market research project to solve this issue once and for all. They also ran a survey of all their agents to see what the agents thought was behind this public perception.

The agents thought it was that insurance agents were too pushy.

However the number one complaint that the public had was that the insurance agents did not keep their promises. They would say they would call the client on Friday but when Friday came around there was no call. They would say that they would have quotes ready by a certain time and date but it did not happen as promised.

There is nothing that undermines confidence faster than a broken promise and there is nothing that impresses a person more than making a promise and keeping it exactly.

If you say that you are going to call a client at 3pm on Tuesday then you should call them at exactly 3 pm on Tuesday. When you call them you should say "I promised I would call you at 3pm today and I believe it is just on 3 now."

When you do that the person you called will automatically look at their watch and will think to themself "wow, when this person promises something they do it exactly as they said they would."

Make a habit of making very specific promises that you keep no matter what.

The size of the promise is not important. It's the quantity and consistency that counts.

In fact if you make lots of little promises and keep them exactly, people will gain great faith in you as a person who delivers. Then when you make a big promise people will be happy to take you at your word.

This is one of the secrets in putting together large business deals.

Make lots of promises and keep every one exactly and you will soon gain a powerful reputation that you can then leverage into a fortune.

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