Email Campaign Management: the New Face of Product Promotion

by Lalita N - Date: 2008-07-07 - Word Count: 291 Share This!


What comes in your mind first when you hear the term advertising? I can't say anything about you but as far as I am concerned advertising means models, flashy campaigns, witty punchlines, huge budget and more than one ad channels. Right. But things have changed a lot. The medium and meaning of advertising has changed. Companies are turning towards various online ad medium and some of them are using Emails as advertising.


That is why various companies are running Email campaign management programs. These companies are sending promotional messages in myriads of templets to a number of prospects. These messages are in the form of emails and most surprising fact is that this kind of advertising is bringing results. In fact there is a valid reason behind this success of Email marketing. You might know that according to the Internet World Stats report of march 31, 2008, there are about 1.407 billion Internet users all over the world, more than 92% of whom use it just for checking Emails. Now you can well understand the opportunity if you are using the Email for advertising.


An Email marketing company works to tap these Internet users and it helps in Email campaign management. Your promotional messages are sent to these users and once few of them click on that message, you are get noticed. This is how brand awareness happen due to Email. Be it auto-industry, accounting firm, healthcare industry, software firm, wealth management company, technology vendor, consumer product firm, publisher or whatever business, an Email can work as an excellent promotional tool. In fact, due to its effectiveness only, a majority of small and large companies all over the world are using Email as their main channel of marketing and customer communication.


Moreover, an

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