Differences Of The German Language

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Your reasons in learning the German language could probably be of different influence and you may have ranging reasons as well, but what matters is that, the enthusiasm and interest in learning another language than your own helps you become a better person more than just one aspect. Learning a second or third language has benefits of its own, it could be for business sense, social want or for a career changing path.

Whatever reasons you may have, learning another language is not only going to benefit your standing as a person but also, will contribute a great deal to the betterment of your brain and how you think of things. When you learn the German language, there are some points you need to think of first.

Expect that German words aren't the same with the English vocabulary. But then, the English and German languages are descendants of the same language - the Proto-Germanic language. You'll also notice that the English vocabulary has some words that are quite similar to the words of the German language.

Pay attention to the sounds in pronouncing the German words correctly. The accent, the tempo and the way it is delivered. Learning the German language isn't going to do you any good if you just think about the way the words are pronounced. It's even best to practice saying the words out loud and if possible, talk to native German speakers so you can adapt easily to how they use the words in a sentence.

If remembering is your trouble, don't worry. You can still learn and remember German words in a snap. What you only need to do is to expand your imagination, add a touch of creativity to each strange word you encounter. Memorization, especially with foreign languages works well together when unknown words are linked together with something already familiar.

A little girl loves to wear her crescent shaped skirt along with her almond hat.

The distinct objects here are the little girl's skirt and hat. Isn't it too silly to wear something like that? Since your imagination have been able to notice the sentence right away, forgetting the words "almond" sound just like the German word "Halbmond" which means "crescent" in English is just too impossible to happen, right?

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