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Toner is a dry powder that is used in laser printers and photocopiers to structure the text and clear images on available printed-paper. Earlier it was just a carbon powder. Then, to develop the excellence of the printout the carbon was combined with a polymer. Toner cartridges elements are melted by the heat of the fuser result them to attach to the paper. The exact polymer used differs by producer but could be a Styrene Acryl ate Copolymer or could be a Polyester Resin. Toner cartridges formulations differ from producer to producer and even from one machine to another machine. Typically formulation, grain size and melt point differ the most.

The actual particle size of toner comes about 12 micrometers. When image resolution was enhanced to 600 dots per inch, any how, the particle dimension was condensed to 8 micrometers. Further reductions in size would be essential for developments in resolution. Toner cartridges manufacturers preserve an excellence control standard for actual particle size in order to create a powder appropriate for use in their printers; the actual particle size in the product is not really allowed to vary too much from the essential dimension.

Toner has usually been made by compounding the ingredients and making a slab that was broken or palletized and then turned it into a fine dry toner powder with a controlled actual particle size variety by air jet milling. This procedure resulted in toner cartridge a granule that, if looked via microscope, displayed different sizes and jagged shapes. To get a best print, some ink/toner companies are using a chemical procedure to grow toner particles. This results in size that is more consistent and consistent shapes of toner cartridges particles. The resulting lesser uniform shapes allow more precise color reproduction and well-organized toner use.

In earlier toner cartridge machines toner was poured by the user from a bottle into a tank in the machine. Modern toner machines feed straight from a cartridge. Empty toner cartridges are frequently refilled by third party vendors.

Toner could even be washed off skin or garments with chill water. Hot or warm water would soften the toner, causing it blend to the toner material it is on. Toner fused to skin would weaken in time, or could be partly removed using rough hand cleaners. Toner fused to clothing cannot normally be removed.

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