Best Way to Build a Bankroll (stars)

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Almost all sites have some kind of first deposit bonus.
Many sites periodically offer reload bonuses. Where they will offer you a bonus if you deposit more often. Some sites do this all the time, others only rarely.
Bonus whoring is jumping from site to site chasing these bonuses and only playing at a site while clearing bonus. You can spend a long, long time just jumping from one site to another getting new bonuses.
This is a lot harder now for an American given the more limited number of sites and the difficulties getting funds on and off sites. With Neteller you could bounce around from site to site on a daily basis knocking down new bonuses for weeks or even months.
No sites have ever been based in the USA.
The sites which left the USA were all sites publicly traded on stock markets (or their parent companies are), particularly the British stock market. They did this because shareholders and stock market regulators gets ansty if your company is involved in activities which may run afowl of the law.
The ones that stayed are privately held and don't face that kind of pressure or oversight.
Internet poker's legal status has not changed as a result of the UIGEA. For that matter, neither has the legal status of real gambling, like casino games.

The act prohibited banking institutions from conducting business with "gambling" sites. Unfortunately, the only unclear thing is whether or not poker is a game of skill or a game of chance. Presently, it's considered a game of chance, and hence even those sites offering only poker are the subject of the prohibition.

So, if before the UIGEA you weren't in jeopardy of breaking any law (and some folks were, due to state or local laws), you aren't now.

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