Bkf Recovery In Server 2003 After Deletion Of Archive Bit Information

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It is imperative for a Microsoft Windows user to backup his/her file. Backup files turn out to be handy tools in the hands of a user in the unlikely event of data loss. Data loss could be due to varied reasons including system crash, virus attack, and many more. However, due to the presence of backups created with the help of these backup tools, no data loss situation can last forever. But imagine what would happen if these backup files themselves get corrupt. Backup files when created should be verified immediately to ensure they are in the right state, and work properly in any recovery case. But imagine what would happen if these backup files were to get corrupt. Then the user has to opt for BKF recovery methods.

Consider as a user of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, when you create backup in a BKF file, the NTbackup utility may just delete what is known as archive bit information. Every BKF file that is created in Windows operating system using the NTBackup.exe utility, has archive bit information that links to Windows file system. This archive bit information informs about the backup data that was stored previously. It determines the changes every time a complete backup is done. Further, on checking the advanced properties of the file, you'll find the check box in front of 'File is ready for archiving' deselected. If the 'Verify data after backup completes' check box is selected, then the problem occurs.

To resolve the above caused problem, Microsoft has a hotfix, which should be installed to get rid of the problem, next time you create a backup. But for the BKF files already created and damaged, you will need to repair BKF files.

For this you will have to install BKF recovery software. These are third-party tools that apply complex algorithms to repair any backup file that have been corrupted due to any reason. Capable of repairing files after any instance of damages, including CRC error, file system corruption, application malfunction, damaged header, or virus attack, these BKF recovery tools are completely risk-free due to their read-only nature.

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