List Building With Search Engine Traffic II

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-04-13 - Word Count: 295 Share This!

On-page search engine optimization is basically the process of doing specific things to your web site itself to let the search engines know what your web site is about.

On-page optimization itself is not critically important to the ranking process itself, although without on-page optimization a search engine would have a difficult time knowing that your site existed or what it was about, so is therefore critical to your rankings.

So what are the primary means of on-page search engine optimization?

There are a number of different areas where you want your keywords to appear, namely in your title, description, keywords, content, heading, and other source code tags.

Now I will go through each of these elements, one by one:

Your keyword or keyword phrase should appear in your title. This keyword or keyword phrase should also be placed early in your title, and should not be accompanied with a lot of other words. If the keyword can be used twice, that is good as well, but you do not want to repeat it more than twice or in a non-sensible way.

The reason you want to try to limit the number of additional words you use is that the title may be ranked by its percentage of keyword use, so any additional words dilute the impact of the keyword.

So as an example, take the keyword phrase 'puppy dog training'

An example of a good title would be "Puppy Dog Training - How to Train Your Puppy Dog"

A bad example might be 'How to Train Your Puppy Dog Most Effectively"

Notice how in the latter example, there are a number of useless words (for the search engines, anyhow) and the keyword come later in the title. Also, the keyword phrase itself is not even used - just the keywords that make up the keyword phrase.

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