Nothing is Who You Really Are

by Roy Klienwachter - Date: 2007-02-20 - Word Count: 1149 Share This!

The true nature of who you really are is nothing at all. In the experience of being something, you move away from this state of nothingness.

It is not possible to experience being nothing for that realization is a state of being. In the world of the absolute or nothingness there is no being. Consciousness, is nothingness being something-"I am" this or that. Consciousness is a place in time, a focus of the nothing state wishing to experience something. As an individual of this nothingness you choose amongst all the possibilities of being. Your focus in the physical life moves from one experience to another and you can only experience one thing at a time. For example, you may be male, a father, employee, husband, lover and any number of things-but when the focus of you attention is on being a father-in that moment you experience nothing else. But that does not mean all the others things are not valid or do not exist-they do.

All things exist simultaneously in the same time and space-it is only your focus shifting back and forth from one to another that creates the illusion. From the state of nothing to the experience of being, is called consciousness. During any particular time of the day you move back and forth from one state to another. During the time of sleep the mind is active in another realm of experience or being-called dreaming.

Consciously you are running a script or playing a roll. You can never experience being nothing, because your mind believes it is something, so it is in the times of no-time that you are in your true state and no-time cannot be measured by the conscious mind.

It is within the experience of this satsang one can truly appreciate the experience of physical life as an altered state. Because we all come from nothing, we are therefore all connected to it and are really one consciousness experiencing individuality. In this awareness of "onemind," there are no victims as all individuals cooperate to create a single circumstance or experience.

Even though one can never experience consciously the state of being nothing-when one imagines it, it is easy to see the wonder of being conscious and experiencing physical reality. In human terms it makes the experience easier, because all experiences are choices-realized.

In the state of nothingness, there are no choices because of course there is nothing to choose. It is only when one contemplates choices in the state of consciousness we can appreciate how miraculous it is. It is easy to see why consciousness itself is an addiction.

A new born knows itself as nothing and as it grows it is in constant wonder of its environment. Then as it becomes older and starts to forget what it is, it learns to become something. From its crib it can look at the window and imagine itself as the dog, the bird, the tree. Then gravity sets in and it learns what its parent's images of it are.

The paradox is you are really nothing and everything at the same time-you choose what you wish to experience at some level of your consciousness. Because you are making it all up-there are no limits as to what you may experience. Your life goes on past consciousness and you will choose again. Know all the people you bring into your life in any moment, are different aspects of yourself-there to help you experience what you desire. You are nothing, experiencing something, from more than one perspective, separated, but not separate. In your state of being-be what you desire.

Being spiritual, enlightened and becoming aware have no relevance in the state of nothingness. They are simply scripts you are following during your conscious state. For instance-you are now playing the roll of an individual learning to become spiritual and it is what you are experiencing. You cannot be spiritual while you are learning to be so. Spirituality is a state of being. But, to your true state this program that is running has no meaning. In fact, what all these things do is push yourself away from your true state of nothingness. Being spiritual is not being nothing. All your belief systems about what happens when you leave the physical experience are meaningless and you are missing out on the true experience of physical life. You came to this world to experience being physical, and during your sojourn here you contemplate being nothing again.

It would be the same thing as having an evening out on the town. You have a really nice meal, attend a movie and during this outing you are thinking about work and planning things which have to be done at home-you missed the whole point of the evening out!

Thinking about the afterlife does not change your experience once you get there-in nothingness, there is no experience. The only physical benefit to this understanding is a realization of how exciting, compelling and intoxicating this life is.

Coming from a realm of nothing to physical experiences can be overwhelming for many. Some choose to return early while others can't get enough. Some just dip their toes into the pool of life a few times while others plunge in.

Many of us practice spirituality, moving to enlightenment or raising ourselves up from physical life in order to avoid it. We want to be near but not involved-observers of life's circumstances but not participants. For some it's just business-the idea sells well. Spiritual awareness is just an appreciation of what you are already doing very well.

You are nothing experiencing something and that something is whatever you choose and it only has meaning to you. You come from a realm of no-choice to one of everything is a choice. You present life and its circumstances are testimony as to how you perceive it and the choices you have made. You are not a victim-you are a series of good and poor choices.

If you dream about nothing, you will get it. Whatever you constantly imagine-you will experience. This power you possess is absolute!

The hope for an afterlife cannot be realized until you become aware you will create it. You are creating it now, you are experiencing it now, and you will continue until you no longer wish to. And you will come back and do it again and again. You are both the creator and the created.

From the realm of nothing comes everything and everything is the only thing you can experience.

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought of.

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