Instant Rollback to the Past With Rollback Rx

by Jacob Henderson - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 417 Share This!

With impacting system performance and speed, Rollback Rx is the only system restore software and disaster recovery solution that can fix computer problems within seconds. Particularly when it comes to multi user systems, there is usually the tendency for each user to use the computer in a different way. There are possibilities of downloads gone wrong, or a variety of user errors. Even worse is when they try to change system files to try to set it right. Here's where Rollback Rx is a boon for network administrators. They can simply take system snapshots with Rollback Rx and when there is a pc with a problem, all they have to do is choose a healthy snapshot and rollback the system to that point. There is no question of downtime at all. Users can also surf the web without the fear of the consequences of virus attacks, system crashes, spyware installs during software downloads, etc. With the Rollback Rx system restore software installed in the system; it only takes seconds to bring the pc back to its working state.

Data Protected In Its Entirety

Maintenance is a quick process with Rollback Rx. The system snapshots reveal all the changes, including new program installs, new data, etc. So restoring the pc to a desirable state is simply a matter of choosing the specific snapshot and rolling the computer back to it. Suppose one of the users has stored some data and subsequently the pc develops problems through the actions of another user, the data can easily be retrieved with the snapshot technology. This is most common in public access computers where the computers tend to develop virus problems and undesirable program downloads, sometimes without the user's knowledge. These computers require to be cleaned up on a continuous basis making maintenance a mandatory thing. Rollback Rx makes it possible for system administrators to do their job without wasting time and effort.

What's more, using Rollback Rx does not call for any professional qualification or experience with computers. Just a basic knowledge of computers is enough. If you know how to reboot, restart and shut down, you can use Rollback Rx. Also, the program comes with a very detailed and easy to understand user guide which has the answers to all the queries that might possibly come up in your mind. Beyond that, customer support is always available. These days no computer can afford to function without a system restore utility like Rollback Rx if they want to avoid downtime and be more productive.

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Jacob Henderson is the technical head of Horizon Data Systems and leading software development firm in the business of Desktop Security and PC performance enhancement software. During his more than 10 years of software development experience in various positions, Jacob Henderson has developed a large number of state of the art software and written numerous articles and reports. Jacob Henderson was one of the core team leaders, that is responsible for the development of user integration features of the flagship product of the Company-Rollback Rx Software. Rollback is available at

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