Memphis Coffee Shops

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Need to chill. Get some work done. Have a home office and want to be around people while having yummy beverages at your beck and call? In Memphis, here's a guide to Memphis Coffee Shops and what to expect.

First Tier Memphis Coffeeshops

1. Café Eclectic- 603 N. McLean Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38107

Featuring the ultra luxe Lilly Coffee, homemade desserts and gelato, a full menu, and lot's of seating this is one of the A-grade coffee establishments in Memphis.

2. Republic - 2924 Walnut Grove Rd
Memphis, TN 38111-2714
(901) 590-1578

The claim to fame of Republic is being the latest open coffee shop in town. Need to work till 12, this is the place. Has a good variety of seating. Featuring a menu of great food that a lot of people don't think to order, try the specialty French toasts. Downside is they've been convinced of the wisdom of cold-brewed ice coffee, which at its best is okay and at its worst one of the most horrendous inventions of man. Also, the place is kept fairly low key and dark, which makes working dangerous as the temptation to drift off is constantly present. Just opened this really cool conference room in back that sometimes can be reserved for groups. Very good regular coffee.

A lot of patrons know each other, rumor is from recovery groups.

3. Otherlands-
Otherlands Coffee Bar & Exotic

641 S Cooper St
Memphis, TN 38104-5352
(901) 278-4994

Features good and varied seating. The backroom is a great place to get some work done. Most well known of Memphis coffee shop. Along with Republic to a lesser extent attracts a grungy hippie chicks if you're into that. Food menu not quite as nice as the other two. Has a Friday and sometimes Saturday night folk music that tends to be quite good and well attended.

4. Starbucks-
In terms of coffee quality, I quite like it compared to most Memphis coffee. Downside is of course that wifi is only free with an annoying card and account. Tends to attract more clean cut women and students. Also, a lot of credit for having locations out east which are quite rare.

5. Panera Bread-

Lots of credit for a good solid menu. They all feature these nice quite media rooms that would be a great idea for a local group meeting place. You should see if you can reserve them .

Second Tier Coffeeshops

1. Quetzal-
I really struggle putting them in second tier. Used to be a favorite. Known for the owner periodically firing all the staff and shutting down for a day or two. Can be great coffee. Good but very expensive food menu. Bad parking situation and also frequently doesn't seem to run air conditioning and can be hot and muggy. Can be a good nightclub as well.

2. Bluff City Coffee-
All espresso coffee that's quite good. I would have considered first tier and a unique resource when they had a working printer that made meeting clients there super slick.

3. Java Cabana-
Used to be one of the classics. Still decent.

4. The Edge - Really third tier.

5. Harbor Town Coffee- Located on Mud Island. Needs a better seating area. Good coffee. Really needs an aesthetic upgrade. The white tile floor is glaring. Seems very out of place in Memphis. Run by really chipper owner who you just want to see do better.

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