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The River Thames in London is an exciting and vibrant highway meandering through the very heart of the City. There are many sightseeing and party boats in London for hire, but until recently those people after a more aggressive from of entertainment on the Thames simply had no options.

Over the past 2-3 years speed boats, RIB's (rigid inflatable speed boats) and even jet boats have started to appear on the river for passenger carrying rather than just commercial and industrial use. These exotic and expensive passenger boat versions are often based on their commercial cousins which lends them to being strong, safe and hard wearing in construction. The big difference is really only in the pay load, as they are fitted with comfortable seating rather than guns, dive tanks or cranes!

Speed boats on the Thames come in all shapes and sizes, but small boats available to charter on the Thames are less common due to the cost per passenger and style of person usually wanting to charter them. There is a Fletcher Arrowhawk ski style boat which can carry up to 5 passengers. This was used in the filming of the 1st series final of ‘The Apprentice'. It has a certain James Bond style feel to it. There are also larger power boats such as a Princess V48 which can carry up to 8 passengers in absolute luxury and really is a sight to behold.

RIB's are very common both on inland waterways and around the coastline. They are basically a speed boat deep ‘V' hull with tubes around the side to add stability and safety. They have been used commercially for tasks such as support boats, dive boats, and high speed security applications for several decades and are now common as leisure craft. The Thames RIB's are huge 10m beasts with seating for 12 passengers offering a high-speed alternative to sightseeing on a traditional Thames passenger boat.

Jet boats are the most manoeuvrable of all the speed boats available for charter on the Thames. They can stop and spin on the spot and accelerate incredibly hard with powerful mid-mounted engines and large jet drives. There are several sizes on the river catering from 2-4 passengers and then the larger SAS style high-power versions capable of catering for up to 20 passengers. These high power jet boats are similar in style to those found on river's and rapids in Australia and New Zealand so a real treat for Londoners providing the ultimate in adrenaline rides right on the door step.

If you fancy charting a speed boat, jet boat or RIB on the River Thames in London give the experts a call - Livett's Launches on 020 7378 1211, or see their website

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