My Love Affair with Black Boots

by Morgan Hamilton - Date: 2006-12-21 - Word Count: 461 Share This!

At this point in time, I am in love with black boots. In fact, I have seven pairs of them and I want to purchase several more pairs. I love shoes in general, but there is something about boots that draw me in. There is always little voice that says, "Buy me," when I walk by a pair of boots. Anyway, I purchase black ones most of the time because they go with everything in my closet. I also like them because they come in all sizes, lengths, and styles. Each pair of boots I own is different because I use them on a variety of situations.

I found out that black boots aren't just for winter. My boots are not even designed for the snow, and my feet would freeze off if I were to wear them during winter. I am not the kind of woman you would label as a fashion hound, but the boots I own are more about style than anything else. My black boots may be the only things I purchased that can be considered stylish. I always wear them because they go with my jeans perfectly. My husband often complains about them, and often kicks them out of his way if I am careless with them. However, he does admit that he likes the way they look on me when we go out.

You are probably aware that some boots can come in and out of style rather quickly if you also love black boots. I tend to purchase these types at Payless because I know I will lost interest in them by the time they wear out. You should make sure you go to a high-end store and spend some money to get the best you can if you want a pair of timeless black boots that will last for years. Remember that the weather can really damage leather or suede boots, so make sure you buy some sort of protector to keep them looking new and in good shape.

Keep in mind that you can bring quality black boots back to life with a good polish. A good polish can do a world of wonders to a worn out but favored pair of black boots, or any other quality shoe for that matter. Nevertheless, things that are out of your control can happen, even if you can try your best to protect them. You can bring your favorite pair that just plain wears out back to life for at least for a little while through a good polish.

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