Explore The Final Frontier In Alaska

by Ray La Foy - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 499 Share This!

Cruise lovers from all over the world flock to one of America's last remaining frontiers each season to see sights and hear sounds like none other found in the world. When it comes to Alaskan cruise fun, a trip that includes Anchorage as a stop is on the top of many people's itinerary.

Those who take part in an Alaskan cruise that includes a stop in Anchorage will find this Alaskan city is like none other in the world. Anchorage is a destination in and of itself for a number of reasons. With a port that's amazing, dining like no where else and a history that's rich beyond belief, an Alaskan cruise that docks in Anchorage opens a world of possibilities for visitors to see Alaska as it was meant to be seen.

Sights within Anchorage those taking part in an Alaskan cruise will likely enjoy include:

  • Historic sites. Alaskan cruises that stop in Anchorage will generally offer passengers a chance to tour some major historic sites. The city of Anchorage itself was first established in the 1780s by Russians. The area was sold to America for just over $7 million in the mid 1800s. Alaskan cruise passengers will find that many of the historic sites that helped shape the state are still standing in all their glory.
  • Wildlife. From an Alaskan cruise that ports in Anchorage, passengers can see all sorts of wildlife. From exotic birds and water life to bears and beyond, these can all be seen from an Alaskan cruise. The opportunities for seeing wildlife on an Alaskan cruise pop up at virtually every moment. What types of animals that can be seen will vary depending on the exact location and the time of the year, however.
  • Native history. In addition to the history of the American state, Alaskan cruise passengers will find a living history that's rich in relation to Native Americans. From an Alaskan cruise that ports in Anchorage, visitors can take site trips that include lots of history about the native culture. A stop at the Alaska Native Heritage Center will give visitors a peek at such things as the arts, village life and more of the native people.
  • Side trips. Excursions for Alaskan cruise passengers can include such things as a glacier cruise, bear viewing and more. There are even opportunities for helicopter trips, fishing, whale watching and more.
  • City life. Alaskan cruises that stop in Anchorage will also provide passengers a chance to see what a metro area in the wilderness has to offer. The city might be in a wild frontier, but that doesn't mean it's devoid of upscale dining, theater, galleries, shopping and more.

An Alaskan cruise that includes a stop in Anchorage offers all kinds of possibilities for visitors to this great state. From outdoor fun to upscale cruise life, the blending of the rugged outdoors and the pampering from onboard the cruise is amazing. The experience is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for many.
And a trip that must be repeated again and again for others.

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