Remove Wrinkles With Botox

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If you have a Botox treatment will always want to perform an analysis and research are needed. This you can run by a doctor, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. These people can inform you properly and you have the success of a deliverable explain.
After the treatment you have no pain and can resume your normal daily activities. Minor swelling or marks disappear within a few hours after treatment. Sometimes at the puncture sites small blue spots occur, which you should carefully camouflage and disappear spontaneously after a few days. Rare patients indicate a slight headache the first few days after treatment, these will disappear spontaneously.
What does a Botox treatment? First the treatment area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Doctors watching the muscles are active and determine the strength of your muscles, so you can adjust the dose to a natural result. The treat muscles are identified and recorded. As stated in the muscle itself Botox injection. This happened with a very fine needle, and thus a slightly prickly feeling.
Vertical bands in the neck, called the platysma bands can also be blurred with botox. Especially in younger people it gives a very good result. Where there is clearly too much skin and sagging skin in the neck is present, the treatment is less successful.
The effect of Botox is always temporary. Depending on the strength of U muscles, the treated area and the dose used, the resulting 3-6 months. The duration of the effect is clearly to increase a certain muscle group has repeatedly treated. For best results maintain long term, it is important that the muscle re-examined before they reach their full movement back and got back cause wrinkles.

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