Special Carp / Catfish Baits and Rig Combinations

by Tim F. Richardson - Date: 2007-02-02 - Word Count: 565 Share This!

* There are many baits and rigs used to catch carp and catfish. Obviously, when using a single hook, you need to maximize your hooks potential for hooking fish, every way you can, to get most 'takes' converted from every 'pick-up!'

You can start of in a very conventional way by using a 'side hooked boilie' or pop-up bait. Or use a ball of dough paste on the hook, but this is not a particularly efficient fish hooking method.

'Hair rigs' were developed to maximize the hooking potential of your rig, and there are very numerous types to get around different carp and catfish feeding behaviours and fishing situations. But for most fishermen, simple is best, and risk of tangles, or time consuming tying of rigs is a potential drawback of many more advanced rigs, although they can easily out-fish conventional simple rigs in many situations!

You can use a single or half or two halves of a boilie on your 'hair.' Or use two or three boilies on a longer length hair. You could use a hair with 4 or 6 half boilies on it. Or even mix up different boilies of different types on the same hair, perhaps including some 'pop-up bait halves to help negate the weight of the hook for the shyer feeding fish.

The same goes for different kinds of pellets; how many anglers do you know mix different pellets on their hook or hair or even on multiple hairs on their hooks?

Following the current fashion in bait use and hook rigs can often make you miss out on loads more fish by not using more alternative methods. See what the 'average fisherman on your water is doing, assess his bait, and rigs attributes, dimensions and method of working, and do yours differently. This way YOUR catches will stand out from the crowd.

You could try the 1 big dough paste bait on a hair wrapped around a pellet or boilie. Or try 1 big boilie bait of perhaps 35 millimetre in diameter, or even 2 baits of this size on a hair?

Perhaps try a bigger hook a size 2 not 6, 8 or 10. This hook has a larger gap and more weight to drop and hook the bottom lip.

Try the hook floating over your bait rig: You put some plastic foam onto your hook tied so it sits over your 'sinking' type bait. This way the hook will enter the mouth before the bait! (Very crafty - Have you ever known anyone else use this rig?)

Perhaps trying a prepared nut with a boilie or paste bait together, on a hair, or two hairs could be a useful solution. Has your water been 'hit with tiger nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts etc, recently and you need a new approach? Try foam 'popped-up' peanuts over pellets or corn for a different approach.

How about using a pellet with boilie on one hair or two hairs, alongside a tiger nut or large peanut? (Do you find that tiger nuts are more effective with their skin cut off a little?) Just a little change can make all the difference to your catch rate, but what difference will really big changes to your rigs or baits make?

The author has many more fishing and bait 'edges' up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright, but reprints with a link are OK.)

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