Dress Up Your Car - (Part Two)

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Single or Multi Disc?

There are two fundamentally different types of car audio CD players. The single disc unit and the multi disc car audio CD player. With this single disc unit, you must install the entire unit into the dashboard as you would any car radio. Unfortunately, this type will play only one CD at time and means that you will have to change the disc when it has finished playing. While the multi disc car audio CD player can be loaded with a number of discs into the unit. This means that if you are fond of an eclectic choice of music, then you can listen to different artists and music without having to take single discs out, changing them only when you want a new range of sounds. Drive.com.au and OzFreeOnline.com have fantastic car classifieds and general information on multi disc car audio CD players that will probably help you decide on the type of system you want for your car.


The location of your car audio system is a must if you want to get the maximum sound of your speakers. Look for the car classifieds at Au.shopping.com and OzFreeOnline.com while your searching you can also check out their speakers that you really want to put into your car, before you come to decide to buy it.

The perfect option for your speaker position, is when you put the left and right speakers in an equal distance from you. That is why ‘kick panels' or door panels are the best position for your speaker. Of course, if your want ‘surround sound' you may decide on speakers in the rear of the vehicle as well. Ultimately, the head unit source transmits its signal to the speakers, and your speakers generate how your entire system will sound. However, that no equalizer, amplifier, or processor can compensate for inadequate speakers. No matter what, you should plan to spend the majority of your money on quality speakers.


Woofer and subwoofer boxes are used to muffle sound and keep crackling sound from occurring. Woofers are what matters for deep bass sounds, and to keep the vibrations from hitting other equipment in the car, sound boxes must be made to fit around the woofer. This piece of car audio equipment can help preserve the speakers and help the sound retain its natural tone.

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