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The Internet is becoming more and more popular today, so surely you have heard of web design. But do you know what this really is? If you don't, we suggest you read this article to inform yourself on this new and growing industry.

To start off, let's tell you what web design really is so that you will have a better understanding. It is the art of creating a website layout (the exterior of it) and coding it with different programming languages. It holds information about the company, the society or the cause it was made for. There are many utilities and types of websites.

Now, lets see who creates what part of the website. Usually, a graphic designer conceives the layout of the site. He works in collaboration with the buyer to see what color scheme and what elements he wants incorporated in the websites. They use different programs to create the most beautiful and professional looking designs.

Then, the design is taken by a programmer who codes it to be an actual working webpages. Again, he works with the client to see what features will be integrated. Of course, there are many, many languages used to code websites, each with a different motive. Lets see some of them.

Lets see, CSS and XSL are style sheet languages; often used for creating tables and format pages that keep the same structure. Database technologies such as MySQL and Postgre SQL are to create databases and login forms. They also are the security of the site. Server-side scripting (PHP and ASP) are used for interactive websites where the actions of the user have an impact on the outcome of the site. The newest, the multimedia technologies, such as Flash and Silverlight have a higher level of interactivity, such as videos, music along with still images and etc. The language used to code the site depends on the needs of the client.

Talking about needs, lets see the utilities of a website. Companies often use it to advertise their products and display information that can be valuable to their customers. Other webpages can be for entertainment, social activities or even web surfing. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the Internet!

This is no easy task, it is a difficult task, as it needs to fit a variety of screen sizes and platforms in order for the site to be viewed in its best format by the most people possible. There are many constraints that these designers must follow, but every day, new scripts and technologies are developed that ease their work.

Finally, as web design grows in popularity, so do the opportunities and possibilities it offers. Depending on the type of project you desire, there are many ways to achieve your plans. A good website takes time, money and a professional team that is willing to work their best to obtain a perfect product. Then, the rest is up to the visitors. Do they like it or not? Lets hope they do! For Website Design London, Moustique Design are an affordable web development company offering SEO friendly websites from ecommerce websites to content management systems (CMS), graphic design, website maintenance and hosting.

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