And The Ultimate Secret To Success With The Law Of Attraction Is...

by Nic Masters - Date: 2010-05-30 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

The Law of Attraction is a rather mystical topic. You become what you think, they say. But how do you control what you think? Where do you start? The answer is simple, and this article reveals it to you. So here it is:

The answer is - BE GRATEFUL! That is it. It is all about Gratitude. You remember when in the hit movie "The Secret" they talked about Gratitude and how important it is for success with the Law of Attraction. So this topic is not really a secret. However, somehow Gratitude was left in the background, as visualization and other future-creating techniques took to the foreground.

We need to, however, remember that trying to visualize the future without coming to terms with and being grateful for our past is like trying to build a house without a strong base. It is impossible. So before you go on to visualize your future success, you need to come to grips with your reality. And we need to do that with a smile and appreciation.

Whatever we have is ours - we have attracted it, and we should be grateful for it. It might be little, we might not want it, but it is ours, and it is our responsibility that it is here. You see, the present is a product of the past. What we have and experience today was created yesterday. So, in a way it only makes sense to acknowledge our reality and accept it for what it is. So be grateful for everything!

Gratitude and acceptance will then allow us to take the next step, and that is to create your dream life, which you should then visualize. But then again, you might encounter one stumbling block. And that stumbling block is called limiting beliefs. So what are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are things that even if you are grateful for them, it would not help your success. You need to get rid of these things, and unfortunately gratitude will not help you to do that. Gratitude is good for dealing with accepting your past, but for the next step you need another technique. This technique is called the Emotional Freedom Technique.

What is this Emotional Freedom Technique and how can you learn it? The Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping with your fingers on special points of your body. This tapping allows you to eliminate your limiting beliefs and even facilitates the establishment of the empowering alternatives. And regarding learning this technique, as well as other guidance on the Law of Attraction, look no further than the link below, which provides you with reviews of various programs pertaining to the Law of Attraction. Enjoy attracting your dream life and before everything, be grateful!

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