Ding Dong Merrily on High With Romantic Christmas Gifts...

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There are certain times of year that just give us that warm and cosy feeling. When it comes to romance, Christmas has to be the winner. Maybe it's the thought of crackling log fires and the smell of mulled wine or even the sparkling lights of the Christmas Tree and a huge box of chocolates to hand. Whatever the reason, why not embrace the moment with a special Christmas gift for that one person who's worth sharing it all with?

Getting Personal
Most people will admit to enjoying a little drink over the holidays and it's possibly the only time of year we can have a house full of alcohol without feeling guilty. Bottles of champagne can make wonderful Christmas Gifts but why not celebrate Christmas in style with a unique bottle of personalised Champagne? You can create your own label on a genuine bottle of fizz and dedicate it to your favourite person with their name and a message of your choice. Make a similar gesture for friends and family with an engraved bottle of Personalised Christmas Wine or Personalised whiskey.

Dedication's all you need...
Or so the theme tune to a certain Record-Breaking programme led us to believe. But it doesn't take a great deal of effort to show your loved one that you do actually remember the little things in life too. Almost all of us have a favourite track or a single redolent of a well-spent or indeed mis-spent youth. It is now possible to choose just about any UK Single from January 1992 to the present (or indeed obtain the vinyl version if the date precedes this) as Christmas Gifts. Once sourced, most offerings will be presented, along with your personal message and a polished aluminium plaque, in an attractive frame. If your loved one is utterly music-mad, you can even find them a personalised Replica Twelve Inch Gold Disc. If you are decide to go down this route, it makes sense to choose your partner's favourite song, the track you first danced to, or maybe even the single that was number one when they were born. Few things are quite as personal as musical taste and a careful choice of such Christmas Gifts sends a very strong message. You've taken the time to get to know them. You've listened to them. They're worth it.

A Winter Wonderland
Every Christmas marks the passage of time. Another year together. Some things achieved, others missed. Few of us realise all of our ambitions and life is, after all, about the journey. With that in mind, there is no harm at all in a little daydreaming. In fact it is now possible to give your nearest and dearest a very real dream: a day of indulging in the other loves of their life. From a Ferrari Thrill at Silverstone, to a less testosterone-filled golf lesson and round of golf, or perhaps a helicopter buzz flight; there are seemingly endless Gifts for indulging budding James Bonds or Nigel Mansells. For those of us with somewhat more sedentary partners, perhaps an experience day choice for her: a luxury experience at a health and beauty club, a haircut from a top stylist or a few hours wine tasting at a vineyard, may be a better choice. Once again, it is the degree of thought that will make or break the success of any Christmas Gifts. There are all sorts of treats to choose from and you won't be reduced to presenting your loved one with an IOU scribbled on the back of a parking ticket on Christmas morning: today's experience day gifts almost invariably come in the form of vouchers or cards, often in attractive presentation boxes.

The Ultimate Christmas Gifts
Sometimes it can be the little things in life that mean the most to others so don't forget the stocking fillers either. A well-chosen pampering or grooming Christmas gift will generally be warmly received although be sure not to make it too practical: we all have imperfections and Christmas morning isn't generally the best time at which to be reminded of them! Few people will object to a decent Christmas Wine and Luxury Chocolates Hamper. If it's romance that you're after then consider how you too might be able to share in this Christmas gift and spend some time together. You could always include the keys to a cottage for a January break inside the hamper. For the ultimate romantic gesture, why not give the one you love your last Rolo? Not just any Rolo of course, but a My Last Rolo Hallmarked gold or silver one that comes complete with a luxury presentation box.

Hide away for the holidays
If you're planning on going abroad for the festive season (top marks for being romantic if that's your partner's main Christmas gift) or even if you're already thinking about where to go for the summer; then surprise your loved one with a Bon Voyage Passport Cover - or a First Class Luggage Tag. Not only can these add a touch of style to any luggage but they can act as a useful clue to any other surprises you may have planned!

All I want for Christmas...
If you don't always consider yourself to be the romantic type, or you're really struggling for something more to say, then perhaps you could let this little Christmas gift say it all for you. The winner of the 'Gift of the Year Award, 2007': A Sun Jar: Sunshine in a Jar. Made with a traditional Mason Jar and energy efficient lighting, its lights shine brightly at night, using solar cell batteries that are charged during the day. Now you can quite literally add a little more sunshine to someone's life! Ultimately, the festive season should be about togetherness, celebrating the year that has passed and sharing joint optimism of things to come in the year ahead. Christmas Gifts are not only an integral part of the season's festivities but they are yet another opportunity for you to demonstrate insight, thoughtfulness and caring in their selection. They convey a great deal more about you than they do about the recipient!

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