Clever Cleaning Supplies Uk Market With An Environmental Alternative

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The watchword, no matter what industry one is in these days, is "sustainability". Every process in every trade, in every office and every factory, is scrutinised to make sure that it offers some kind of mollification to the environment: and, if it doesn't, it's harangued until it does. So what about cleaning? Everyone does it, all the time if they're good: making it one of the most fertile areas for sustainability reform in the whole sphere of industry and business. Well, there's one company that's moved themselves quite impressively ahead of that game, with a cleaning supplies UK initiative that's quite unlike anything anyone in the industry has seen before. They're called Fresh Clean, and they've come up with a rather nifty way to minimise all the costly packaging and waste often (ironically enough) associated with cleaning products.

What Fresh Clean has done (and no doubt others will rapidly be following suit) is to standardise all their cleaning products into a dry form - either tablet or powder. That means they can be stored indefinitely, in very small spaces: one 700g tub of the stuff, for example, provides enough cleaning supplies UK to fill 280 trigger spray bottles. That means that instead of holding 280 trigger spray bottles in one's cleaning product store, one simply has a little tub full of powder, which is diluted into a single refill trigger spray as necessary.

The concept works right across the board, with dry form cleaners suitable for all industrial and food prep uses coming in standard size tubs - the largest of which purports to hold enough oomph to fill over 2,000 trigger spray bottles. That's one heck of a lot of packaging that hasn't been used: and one heck of a lot of onsite storage space that companies are now able to free up for other items. It's a cleaning supplies UK revolution, from every angle: less packaging, less waste, more efficiency - and the kind of prices that would normally make one think one was caught up in some kind of dream.

The prices part is pretty simple to explain, if one takes a moment to think about the reasons why Fresh Clean has produced all this good stuff in the first place. If you're not producing thousands of tonnes of packaging, you don't have to ask your customers to pay for it. And that means your prices, per kilo, say, or per amount that would normally fill a trigger spray bottle, can be significantly lower than everyone else's. Fresh clean has grabbed that bull by as many horns as they can find, offering their dried cleaning products in prices that, when one calculates the amount of spray, or mop solution, that one can get from them, seem frankly loopy. A cleaning supplies UK revolution indeed - and one that could really have far reaching effects on the way most UK companies buy, store and use that most essential of supplies. No more waste, no more unnecessary expense - just great cleanliness and a happy environment. Now that's 21st century business sense.

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