The 30-Minute Kitchen Makeover

by Pamela Tice - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 635 Share This!

A kitchen remodeling project is typically put off for years past when its really needed simply because of the enormity of the task-in both time, money, and effort. Few of us have the large blocks of time and resources to set aside for a complete and thorough kitchen makeover with cabinets, new flooring, or any of the other bells and whistles. However, with just thirty minutes a day and minimal expense, you can transform your kitchen from the same old drab and cramped space into a space that is warm, inviting, and has increased workspace.

No, you can't completely transform the kitchen in one thirty minute session, but you can focus on some key areas for short periods of time and make noticeable improvement, such as:

Table cloth/linens
New Cabinet Hardware
New Light Fixtures
Rolling kitchen cart

Painting is a great way to breathe new life into any room and the kitchen is certainly no exception. While you may not be able to tackle everything in a single session, you can generally break the area down into manageable blocks. Perhaps focus on trim during one painting session and then the flat surfaces in another. Be sure to coordinate the color choices with the other appliances and furniture in the room for a more professional and unified look.

Simply adding a new table cloth can help hide away any blemishes, stains, or damage to the old dining room table. Even if the current dinette set is in perfect order, a complementary table cloth and perhaps a simple centerpiece will add life and vitality to the space.

While a new set of custom cherry kitchen cabinets may not be in the cards, you can still breathe new life into your current cabinetry by simply changing out the hardware. Again, you may not be able to change everything out in one thirty-minute block of time, but you can break this task up just as with the painting.

Lighting fixtures are a great way to add style, sophistication, and perhaps even a complete new outlook on any space. Adding in a set of matching pendant light fixtures over an island area or even a little pub table that sits off in the corner-really draws the space together while providing some much needed task lighting. Track lighting fixtures over the sink area are always helpful when doing dishes and make great accent lights when other lights are turned off or dimmed.

When buying lighting fixtures for any space, be sure to coordinate the finish and materials with other furnishings in the room. If it is for some reason not possible to coordinate with other appliances, pot racks, or furnishings in the kitchen-then at least be sure that the finish, materials, and designs of the fixtures themselves match one another. You should be able to change out one fixture per session but be sure and turn off the circuit breaker to whatever light you happen to be working on at the time.

Finally, a rolling kitchen cart may take more than 30-minutes to assemble but it is one of the best ways to free up preparation space in the kitchen while organizing at the same time. You can turn the cart into a mobile prep/serving area during family gatherings and simply store it away in some convenient space when not in use. Or, you can use the cart as a mobile workspace during food preparation to help alleviate cramped quarters and inadequate storage space.

A kitchen makeover done properly will cost tens of thousands of dollars and cause complete chaos in your home for at least a month. If you have neither the time or money for a total renovation, then consider the convenient, simple, and inexpensive ideas listed above to free up space and breathe new life into your poor, overworked kitchen! Research your options today at

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