Need A Loan After A Bankruptcy - Possible If You Have Equity

by Joseph Kenny - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

If you have had the misfortune to declare bankruptcy recently, then you definitely know what a struggle it can be to get funds. Not only do you have a limitation on your ability to get funds from most lenders, but even getting a credit card will not be easy. However, one option that you do have, if you possess a house, is the equity that is in the house. Here is how you may still be able to get the needed loan you want by the equity in your house.

After a bankruptcy, you will probably need to wait about two years before most lenders will give you any money. They calculate that it will probably take about that long to begin to get reestablished financially. So, in the interim, you will want to be careful to build your credit rating and do nothing to make it any worse than it is. Also, look over your credit report and see if there is anything on it that is not correct. If there is, work to get the necessary corrections before you apply for any loans.

The good thing is that your creditors know that you want to keep your house. Other things may have been lost but you have kept the house. They also figure that you still plan to keep it - even after they issue you a loan. That gives you some stability in their eyes, and even makes you a rather good risk. Even if you should decide to not make the payments, they still will have the house to recover their losses.

This makes it look rather good to them. As long as other things look good, like you've had your job for a while, make a decent salary and do not have a lot of other debt you are paying on now, then you may very well be able to get the loan you want.

Even then, you may still want to check around to make sure you get the best deal. One way to do this easily, is to apply online and get several quotes from a broker. This way you just fill out one application and you may receive several offers. It would be a good idea to see several offers, and compare them to find the best option.

Be sure that you will not be able to get really good terms - at least not nearly as good as someone with good credit. You will most likely have not only higher interest, but shorter repayment terms, too. They will also cut down on the size of the loan you can get, too.

A possibility exists, though, to work on getting a better loan. When you find someone will give you a loan, make it a small one. Get one that you can pay back in a short time. This way, you can start to rebuild your credit and get a larger one on better terms before long. The bankruptcy mark will stay with you for a while, but you still can have access to some of the loans you may need.

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