It's Only a Matter of Time on Iran

by Gerald Schiano - Date: 2006-12-20 - Word Count: 282 Share This!

It was nice to see Tony Blair step up yesterday and condemn the actions of Iran in the Middle East. A few weeks ago, I spoke of the tensions in the region leading to higher oil prices. I am afraid that after what has happened in Iraq, the political will needed to deal with Iran will not be present.

Either way, in my humble opinion, oil moves higher longer term. Since I spoke of the Democrats and oil prices a few weeks back, not only has Iraq been on the cusp of full civil war, but the Palestinians now appear to be going at it. Hamas and Fatah can only agree that they hate Jews. Al Qaeda's second in command wants armed struggle with Israel and the West. They also want Hamas to be in accord with that goal.

Oh and I forgot, Lebanon is still in flux. Political assassination seems to be the norm these days. Iran is stirring the caldron of hate and destruction in Lebanon and throughout the region.

How long will we allow Iran to supply the bombs and training to kill American Gi's? Where is the mainstream media, so far I've only seen Fox News take an aggressive stance on the matter. Unfortunately for America, this nation is divided and with the Whitehouse up for grabs, I doubt we will have much bipartisan support for further action in the Middle East.

We will see if the recent move to bolster our military forces in the Gulf has the desired effect on Iran. The time for posturing with Iran is over. They are at war with us, but we as a country have not figured that out yet!

Bottom line, Oil Goes Higher!

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