What Is Black Water Holding Tank Treatment

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Black water is water from you home that comes from things in your home that is not clean. For example, clean water comes from the water heater, from the sink when your running water, from the back of the toilet, and in the shower out of the faucet. The black water in the home comes from sources that are not clear, not clean. Black water in the home comes from the toilet overflowing, from the sewage pipes in your home, the release pipes from the washer, from the garbage disposal and similar type areas of your home.

Living with a well, and living in the outer areas of cities you have a special need when it comes to treating and using areas for the release and storage of black water. A black water holding tank is the most common form of sewage and black water treatment. Within that holding tank, the treatment of the black water can take place so it does not containment the water sources, and your family as well.

Black water holding tank treatment is one that is going to treat the water, without interrupting the other portions of your life. For example, if you have a black water holding tank, you don't want the sewage pouring over into the yard where the children play, you want to contain it and you want to make it break down as fast as possible.

Without treatment of the black water in the holding tank, you can find that your yard will have a bad odor. Depending on what type of holding tank you have and what type of sand mound system you are using, you can add chemicals to the holding tank to make the break down process work faster, and to control odors if you find your area is having an odor problem. Black water holding tank treatment starts with the concrete box. Most holding tanks, you will find, are going to be made from concrete and put into the ground outside of your home. All black water should be directed to that holding tank.

A black water holding tank is going to have to be emptied out, by pump and taken to a sewage treatment center if the black water is not breaking down fast enough to keep up with the family or the business in the home. For example, if your sand mound or holding tank is too small, and your tank is too full, the black water can over flow to the yard. Having the tank pumped, is going to cost anywhere from $100 to $300 but you will be sending the black water away to a sewage treatment center that will break down the black water in a fast manner.

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