Ebook Review: The PowerSeller Project

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Subject: The PowerSeller Project details step-by-step how Sara goes about launching a new product.


Sara Brown is one of the UK's top Internet Marketers. She runs a variety of websites which can all be accessed from http://www.sara-brown.com/choices/. If you want to know more read her About Me page on eBay or subscribe to her newsletter through her websites.


As a long time follower of Sara Brown's work I was intrigued by "The PowerSeller Project" which tells you how Sara goes about launching a product. Inside Sara discusses:

How she made 2000 in 24 hours without even advertising a product on eBay!!
How she earned 1000 from an ebook that someone else had written!!
How she made thousands by offering a product for free!!
How to make money through 'Internet Copycatting' which is perfectly legal if done right!!
Why having a simple website matters - even if you sell only on eBay!!
Her two biggest blunders and how you can avoid them!!
How to stop people stealing from your website!!
The 'Kiss of Death' on eBay!!
How she knows a project will make money before she even starts to sell it!!

The ebook begins like many other Sara Brown publications, with Sara explaining how she believes that jobs are effectively a form of slavery. She believes that you don't need to work 40 hours a week in a job to earn a living, it's simply a process that we have been conditioned to believe in from a very early age. Although Sara does make some good points, I think her views will not be shared by everyone. Certainly those who enjoy their job will be unlikely to agree, but those who are not enjoying their jobs will probably be nodding their heads in agreement with Sara.

She then moves onto discuss her first publication 'Wake up and Smell the Coffee.' This section is insightful and interesting to read. It also highlights a mistake that Sara made with this publication. Although, this section is interesting there is little practical information contained inside. It's a story to give you inspiration rather than instructions.

Following this Sara moves onto discuss getting ideas for ebooks. Unlike other ebooks that suggest the generic bestsellers (e.g. make money online, gambling systems), Sara has her own unique spin on this. She follows up the advice in this section with multiple examples of how she has created ebooks in this way. The advice provided in this chapter is very useful and a model I follow to create my own ebooks. I can see how it would be useful to many people aswell, and enable them to make a profit.

In the next section Sara describes how to write your auction ad. She includes tips such as; writing a good auction title, what to include in your description and how to stop people copying your auction description. The information in this chapter is quite basic for me, although it may be useful for a beginners.

Next Sara describes how to write your ebook. In this section Sara describes the type of grammar you should be using, the fonts you should use and some other additional writing tips. She also includes some email and forum promotional tips. Again I found that this information was rather basic to me and will probably only really suit the beginner.

After this The PowerSeller Project describes how to protect both your ebook and your sales page. Although the tips in this section will help you protect your ebook and sales page, I do have some criticism. Firstly, the method to protect your sales page does work, but if someone really wants to steal your page they will (although Sara does mention this). Secondly, the method to protect your ebook does also work. However, it does delay the automated delivery process of Sara's ebooks. I suppose this depends on what you, the ebook seller, rate as more important - automated ebook delivery or ebook security.

Sara then moves on to describe selling your ebook. First, she describes how to get a website set up to sell your own product. She then goes on to explain how she can generate a lot of money during the 'pre-launch' of the product and how to build a mailing list effectively. After this Sara moves on to describe selling your product on eBay. Sara covers lots of info here including how to respond to negative feedback you may receive whilst selling your ebook, how to use resell rights to market your ebook, how to write an effective auction title, the amount you should be spending on listing fees, her listing frequency and much more. Overall, I found this chapter quite informative and interesting to read. Sara covers a lot of information here and provides real life examples too. The only criticism I have of this chapter is that it isn't the most structured. However, it provides you with a concise guide to selling a product effectively both on and off eBay.

Following this Sara moves on to explain her test, which allows her to determine whether her product will sell BEFORE it goes on sale. The test consists of four basic questions Sara asks herself about the product. If she can answer yes to one of them, then she will run the product as she is almost certain it will sell. This test is indeed a good method of determining whether your product will sell. After reading it, I realised that I had subconsciously used the criteria that Sara uses before the launch of my own products. Although the test does not guarantee your product will be a success, it is a quick, free and simple method that will allow you to determine to a reasonable degree, whether your product will sell.

In the final section Sara summarises what she has covered in The PowerSeller Project. She briefly explains how she would launch her product and then how she would set up a sales page and eBay listing to maintain sales - neatly summarising all the ideas in the ebook.

Overall, The PowerSeller Project is a good ebook for those who have not yet launched a product online. Inside Sara explains how she would go about launching a product, in a way that you can easily replicate. Although the focus is mainly on eBay it is a good model for beginners to follow when creating and launching their first product. On the critical side, Sara could have gone into more detail in certain areas (e.g. step-by-step instructions on how to set up a website, advice on which autoresponder to use etc). She could also have included a few more promotional methods inside the ebook and maybe included more information on how to sell your product outside of eBay. If you have experience of launching your own product I doubt you will find many new ideas inside The PowerSeller Project, but if you are looking to launch your first product on eBay then this is a good guide for you to follow.


The PowerSeller Project is full of examples based on Sara's past experiences showing you that a successful digital product launch is indeed possible.

Sara's method for generating ebook ideas is very effective and one that I have found myself using.

The section on selling your ebook is concise, to the point and easy to follow.

Sara's 'test' to determine whether a product will be successful before launch is both unique and effective.


Some of the ideas inside The PowerSeller Project are rather simplistic and will be common knowledge to those who already sell on eBay.

Very few promotional methods are covered inside The PowerSeller Project.

The ebook focuses largely on eBay selling and provides considerably less information on selling outside of eBay.

The level of detail in some sections of the ebook is low.

The delivery system delays your access to the ebook which I found quite annoying.


I read The PowerSeller Project after the release of my first premium ebook "How to set up a Successful, Automated Ebook Business on eBay." Therefore, I did not directly use the ideas from inside The PowerSeller Project. However, after reading this ebook I recognised that I had used many of Sara's methods when launching my own product. For example, my thought process for creating "How to set up a Successful, Automated Ebook Business on eBay" is very similar to the one Sara describes inside The PowerSeller Project. Furthermore, Sara's test criteria to estimate whether the product will be successful before launch, are very similar to the factors I was considering before releasing "How to set up a Successful, Automated Ebook Business on eBay."

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