6 Ways to Scrapbook Memorabilia or Keepsake Items on Your Pages

by Robin Michelle King - Date: 2007-01-29 - Word Count: 609 Share This!

If you are like me, you have more than just photos to scrapbook on your pages. I love to keep ticket stubs, money/coins from other countries, hair locks, hospital bracelets, cards, newspaper clippings, old jewelry, and many other small remembrance items. The question has been posed to me many times lately on how to store these - either keeping them with your photos or just keeping them alone in a memory book. Several people have asked me if there is something they can do besides gluing them to page and possibly ruining these items. I wanted to give all my favorite scrapbookers out there some great innovative ideas for storing these keepsakes or memorabilia.

1. Make or buy an envelope or pocket for your pages. I love to use see-through envelopes so that people can see what the item is inside (Scrapbook Adhesives sells keepsake envelopes with adhesive already on the back). You can get transparent ones or vellum ones. Making a little pocket is so easy too and perfect for paper items like greeting cards or tickets. Make pockets out of paper and sew or glue the three sides down and slip your item inside it. Or better yet - take an "real" old pocket from jeans or a shirt and sew it onto your page to hold your keepsake item. You can also buy library pockets for your items.

2. Tying them to your page is another option. This is a great way to keep jewelry, tags, tickets, etc. If it is a paper item, you can punch a hole in it and tie it on your page with a ribbon or string. If you are unsure if the paper item is acid-free, spray it with an acid neutralizer.

3. If you are not too attached to the item and just want the memory of it, take a photo of it or scan it. This is especially effective if the item is too large to keep in a scrapbook. I had a bunch of old t-shirts that I had problems parting with. I just photographed the t-shirt logos (most were race t-shirts) and included them in my scrapbook. If you hate the bulk of some memorabilia, this can solve your problem.

4. Page protectors now come with memorabilia pockets. Check out some of great ones from KeepFiling.com. Memory Book also has some 12″ x 12″ page protectors that can hold 4 x 6 photos and memorabilia.

5. Want to show off your pictures and/or memorabilia as a decoration? Why not use a shadow box. I found a super cute one from EK Success. It even had a drawer at the bottom to store other memorabilia. They also sell 12 x 12 (and 8.5″ x 11″) shadow boxes so that you can display a whole page.

6. Flat keepsake display boxes are also another choice for your scrapbooking pages. You can make your own (I found some good instructions online for shaker boxes that would work perfectly at http://www.stickersnfun.com/shaker01.asp.) You can also buy your own. If you haven't seen these before, my favorite is from Scotch called the Keepsake Display Box. Ideal for three-dimensional objects, the Keepsake Display Box is the perfect way to attach, showcase and protect cherished keepsakes and memorabilia. Also great for glitter, confetti or beads. The hinged snap-tight lid allows access to items. Self-adhesive back attached instantly and securely. It is acid free, photo safe and PVC free.

Keep in mind that if you are not using an acid free keepsake, PLEASE make sure it is enclosed in its own pocket, sleeve, box or envelope so you can protect the rest of your page.

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Robin M. King is a photographer and long-time scrapbooker. She is a contributer to ScrapbookFinds.com, a comparison shopping tool for scrapbooking supplies. Read her ScrapBlog and "Ask Robin" questions.

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