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by Li zhang - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 180 Share This!

As a new pay per click campaign, Yahoo has a much smaller advertising base than Google. In many categories, they simply don't have relevant ads and if so, the chance your ad has lower or no click through.

In general Yahoo pays a lot more per click, someone suggested yahoo is paying almost 100% of the ad revenue out while it is in beta, that is understandable, if yahoo pays same, who will switch from adsense to publish network.

Over all many people has reported make more from Yahoo.

Adsense is far more advanced in technology wise, while it is possible to fool yahoo, adsense can detect what your page is about. YPN still have a ways to go before their algorithm matches adsense.

Another drawback on yahoo is that their reporting is a day delayed. You get an estimated total of what all your sites have made, but individual channel or domain results are not available until the next day.

Yahoo or Google, my advise it try both out, it is good to see a competitor in a publishing world.

li alex, master of ecommerce.

I have list the answer on my site.

The important thing to remember is never trust stranger, try bring cash with you as little as possible, contact is extremely important in China, have a basic Chinese goes a long way.

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