Slr Digital Camera: Advantages And Disadvantages

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A tough decision war happens to all who want to buy a digital camera, whether to buy a compact digital camera or an SLR digital camera. SLR is Digital Single-lens reflex camera, which is a standard tool for professional photographers. It provides the advantage of large, bright and accurate optical finder with large controls and fast operations.

Among the digital cameras, the SLR camera is the best for you provided if you are a family oriented person having a serious appetite for photography. For capturing pictures during family vacations, birthdays and holidays, the SLR camera will be the best companion. Though the point shoot cameras have increased to higher mega pixels, the choice of serious photography hobbyists and photographers is SLR. The clear reason for the choice is that SLR has the capacity for producing artistic photographs.

The main advantage and biggest difference that exit in the SLR is that there are more manual operations than the point-and-shoot cameras have. To get a perfect shot, your camera should be always in ready mode. SLR cameras offer instant start up and also minimum shutter lag. The point-and -shoot cameras have shutter lag of 2 or 3 seconds, which means you can miss a shot. The SLR camera's shutter lag is less than a second and so you can get all the shots without miss. Another advantage is that the SLR cameras can accept interchangeable lenses. This helps you in getting best shots of sports and nature where you cannot go close for taking pictures. You can zoom the lens of SLR digital cameras and take close-ups. The other advantages are long battery life, high-speed continuous shooting, great image sensor and the ability to save RAW images.

The disadvantage is its larger size and you cannot fit it in your bag or purse. Not only larger in size, but also heavier and not suitable for vacations. It's also very expensive when compared with compact and subcompact digital cameras. The SLR prices can range between $1,000 and $10,000. The best portrayal of SLR is its speed, clarity and optical system. It can be easily mistaken for a point-shoot camera but it is entirely different in the way it is used and the delivered picture quality. In real meaning, this camera enables you to look at the picture precisely without any alteration of digital features within the camera.

The digital SLR is built in such a manner that it enables to deliver high quality images. In a compact digital camera, the image that you see in the eyepiece or through LCD screen is generated digitally; but in SLR the image is sent by the lens and mirrors to viewfinder that reflects the images from one mirror to another. The digital SLR is versatile and that is why the image seen in an SLR is exact without any alteration. The interchangeable lenses allow you to utilize custom lens for a meticulous shot like Portrait, Landscape and Macro or Micro shots. Some lenses are even available for taking motion shots.

The image sensors in SLR provide good picture quality and quick shoot and click capability with no time lag. Detachable lenses give more attraction for photographers in choosing SLR as their choice. If you are not comfortable with manual operations SLR cameras have automatic settings and this provides transitional steps in learning to use an SLR.

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