Writing Your Own Business With Promotional Pens

by Gareth Parkin - Date: 2007-06-03 - Word Count: 494 Share This!

Promoting your business is extremely important and every business owner knows the importance of new, interesting and effective advertising and the impact it can have on business. By finding new and different ways to promote your business, you can put a whole new face on your company.

A great way to introduce a new wave of advertising to your business is to look at promotional pens. You can literally write your own business by handing out promotional pens. Promotional pens are advertising that moves around with your customers and are also something that your customers will be able to use.

Think about how many times a day you use a pen and all the places that you use them. Women keep pens in their purse, men keep them in their pockets. Think of all of the places that you 'lose' pens - now if one of your customers loses a pen in a public venue, chances are someone else will pick it up and use it, move it and definitely read what is on the pen which directs traffic to your business.

Promotional pens are very inexpensive advertising but are one of the most effective. You can order thousands and thousands of pens and distribute them all over the place, getting you and your business name out there among the people who are all potential customers.

There are many ways that your pens will exchange hands - a friend asks to borrow a pen, and if your logo and advertisement are on the pen, chances are they will read the pen and strike up a conversation with the 'owner' of the pen, which in turn creates business for you.

Word of mouth advertising is effective but how do you get those conversations started amongst the general public? By distributing pens with your logo and business advertisement, you can be assured that people will start talking about your business, regardless of whether they need it themselves or not.

Not everyone that has your pen in his or her hand will become a customer, but if that one person tells one or two people about your business because they read about you on a pen that's sitting on their desk, eventually you will find the residual word of mouth advertising brings more and more people through your door for just pennies a pen.

Can you think of any other advertising that offers as much coverage as promotional pens do for just pennies? Other than other promotional products, like mugs, keyrings, etc., there is nothing else so effective for such little out of pocket expense.

For just pennies a piece, you can be on your way to distributing some of the most effective advertising that your business has ever had. It's advertising you can't afford not to invest in. Check out all of the different vareities of printed pens that you can order and decide on which kind of pen best suits your business.

Get your business writing itself with easy to use, easy to distribute promotional pens.

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