I'm The One

by Lisa Thomas - Date: 2007-10-04 - Word Count: 796 Share This!

I'm the One and the power lives within you...

There is a verse in the poem "I'm the One" that reads "As the flame flickers and falters, slowly leaving you breathless, I am the One; the one to breathe the fire of life back into the fibers of who you are."

Where do we draw from when we can't see how we can have what we want? Is it that we've stopped believing in ourselves? Have we simply given up on our dreams? Have we become resigned or complacent with what we currently know and have? Are we simply comfortable with the way things are?

We already know that suppression is one of the things that keep us from having what we want, but what keeps us going?

I'd been faced with a challenging decision for 2004. Each year I find myself in creation of a new year, designing new strategies for going after my dreams.

2004 took me by surprise. I had this thought of dissolving The P3 Group. I'm President of The Power, Passion and Purpose Group and the company provides life strategies for women. I was very disturbed by the thought of what that might mean. For me it meant, not going after my dream. It had become a challenge, as most businesses are, needing far more attention than I could give it for success.-or so I thought.

I was also re-evaluating my goals, dreams and desires for myself this year. On the onset of looking at this whole notion of dissolving the company, it appeared that I wanted more than the company could provide. I wanted to be out more, sharing more, doing more for women, rather than just managing the staff and operation of the company. I wanted to have more workshops, do multiple tele-classes across the country, donate more money, make more so the company and I could donate more, speak more, facilitate more, etc. I simply wanted more!

During that year, everyone had heard the phrase 'MORE in 2004". I wanted more for myself and for women.

So, after some moments of deliberation with myself, I went through ALL of the possibilities.

That was the first step. That first step was getting clear about what I wanted and looking from there. The second step was taking action on having what I said I wanted.

We tend to get stopped because we don't say what we want. Sometimes we get stopped because we think we don't know how to have what we want. We find reasons why we can't have what we want. We have our own internal conversations that tell us why we can't have what we want or why we shouldn't go after our dreams.

So as I began to look, the possibilities were: I could just quit, but that wasn't what I wanted. I could close the doors of the company, but that wouldn't given me what I really wanted. I could find a job, but that wouldn't give me what I really wanted. I could buy another company that already provided these things, along with flexibility and a healthy salary, but that wasn't really what I wanted.

What a deliberation! My "internal deliberation" was at work. So, what does one do now? It seems that this is where most of us stop, isn't it? You've exhausted all the possibilities and what appears to be all of your resources, right? You've come to no resolution. It's dark and resignation kicks in. The flame of possibility and having one's dreams slowly flickers.

What do you do from here? Continue to look deeply within! The answer lies within you.

Persevere and keep going even when it seems hopeless.

So, what did I do?

Well I couldn't seem to find a viable solution in that moment. How could I really? All of my creativity had been smothered by resignation. Resignation breeds suppression. There are very few possibilities available when you are stuck and resigned about something.

So, I had a conversation with my own life coach, and there, to my surprise, were many possibilities available to me. Some were promoting myself more as a public speaker, aligning with organizations that donate money and becoming more involved, making myself available to facilitate other programs that empower women, expanding the corporations financial portfolio, creating alliances with many women's organizations and list went on and on.

Having what I wanted was again at my fingertips. I didn't give up. I persevered. I forged ahead....

See, "As the flame flickers and falters, slowly leaving you breathless, I am the One: the one to breathe the fire of life back into the fibers of who you are"...

You are the one to breathe the fire of life back into the fibers of who you are. The power lives within you, and it's always been there! Will you allow your own power to emerge?

Until next time!

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As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Lisa Thomas brings over twenty years experience in business, relationship and individual life coaching. Join the P3groups mailing list to receive our online magazine - The P3 Power Boost Magazine for Women at www.TheP3Group.com

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