Preschooler's Educational Toys

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The demand for educational toys is fast growing, as more and more parents see the value behind these products and children start to appreciate the kind of learning they obtain from them. In fact, the demand for them has surpassed that of traditional toys. In 2005, for instance, educational toy maker LeapFrog's sales surged 120%.

Most of the educational toys toy companies create target preschoolers and elementary school children. This is because the preschool years are the best years to instill learning in kids. Their minds are still fresh and remain relatively unmuddled by the events around them. And because today's modern parent is always out working, and give the benefits educational toys give to their preschoolers, they tend to not mind the price tag.

Here are some of the more popular educational toys that have been designed for preschoolers.

LeapFrog's Leapster L-Max Learning Game System

The Leapster L-Max

Preschoolers and even elementary age kids will enjoy this product because it carries several preprogramed games that are both fun and educational. The device can be plugged into the picture tube of the television so the games can be played on the big screen. Kids can also play games while on the road because of its portability.

Publications International Ltd's Story Reader

Story Reader is an electronic book that may be loaded with all sorts of stories for preschoolers to enjoy. Parents only need to buy story cartridges to be uploaded into the device, so its capacity is virtually limitless. Some of the popular stories that have been featured in Story Reader are The Lion King, Chicken Little, and The Incredibles. It has become so popular that, in 2003, it has sold over 1.5 million units and more than 7.5 million books. Imagine how many it has sold at present!

Fisher-Price and Nickelodeon's Dora The Explorer

These two top children's companies have teamed up to create a new cooking-based educational game that features the popularly cute and bilingual Dora preparing all kinds of dishes kids can emulate.

Disney Consumer Product and V-Tech's Call 'n Learn Phone/Leapfor's Tic Talk

Both of these educational toy teaches preschoolers proper phone etiquette. The only difference is that the Tic Talk deals with the right use of the cellular phone.

Hasbro's Baby Einstein

Nearly all toys under the Baby Einstein line encourage kids to appreciate art, music, language and poetry. The line carries several interactive game devices that preschool kids would definitely enjoy. Its most sought after products include the Baby Bach Touch 'N Play Pipes and the Baby Shakespeare Find-And-Rhyme.

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