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by Alec C Moir - Date: 2007-11-15 - Word Count: 611 Share This!

I shouldn't be telling you this but writing articles are easy, once you know the formula. I guarantee that once you discover the proven system used by all the gurus to get fantastic results, you won't even have to think about hiring a copywriter ever again.

The most important part of your article is the headline, if you don't have an eye catching headline your article will have little success.
Your headline is the first thing your visitor will see, so put the most important thing upfront, you have only a matter of seconds to convince the reader to click on your link and read the rest of the article.

You need to start your headline with some power words to make sure the reader wants to read the rest of the headline. Make it appealing and so convincing that it grabs attention, by creating an image of the benefits in the readers mind to find out more. The only thing the reader cares about is himself/herself, so by creating a picture of involvement, the natural result is to want to read more.

Here's some of the power words you could use: DISCOVER, EASY, GUARANTEE, HEALTH, LOVE, MONEY, NEW, PROVEN, RESULTS, SAFETY and SAVE.

Make your headline and the body of your article personal, as if you were talking to a friend on the telephone, so make sure they contain the word "you" whenever you can work it in. Picture yourself talking to your friend while creating a need, by telling him/her all the benefits that will be discovered just by reading your article.

Stay away from words that speak about you, your company or how great your product is. Your reader doesn't care how long it's taken you to write the article, how long you've been in business or how many years you've been learning your craft. Your reader wants to know how your article will benefit his/her health, wealth, happiness or success.

Your article should be formatted to about 55 characters per line and approximately 550 words long, with paragraphs after every 5th line.
Start with an attention grabbing first sentence to play on the readers curiosity to want to find out more of what this is all about, such as: "I shouldn't be telling you this but...."

Write as if you were talking to someone personally so that your own personality shines through with personal experiences or reactions.
Ask a few questions that you think the reader might want to know, like: how to overcome a problem, or how your article will benefit them, then, answer with well thought out headline style sentences.

In order to get the desired action from your reader, your article needs to have a simple formula which is called AIDA:

l) Attract the "attention" of your reader
2) "Interest" your reader in the product or service
3) Cause your reader to "desire" the product or service
4) Demand "action" from the reader

Then at the end of the article, close with an unanswered question that your reader will do anything to find out. Which means clicking on your link to you website, product or service.

Don't forget to include your resource box at the end of your article to advertise yourself and your website or product. This should be no more than 5 lines long, introducing who you are, and presenting your reader with a call to action link to your website.

Include a message of consent to use your article without permission as long as the resource box remains unchanged.

You can use this formula for Website Copy, Sales Letters and Classified Ads etc. Just shorten or extend as the need may be.

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