Empathy Marketing

by Carol Lynn Blood - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 471 Share This!

When you are able to apply influence in a manner that does not feel like an attempt to persuade others,that is what I like to call "Empathy Marketing." If you are able to share your sincerity with others, you have developed an invaluable work skill. This is a skill that everyone on your team should be utilizing on a regular basis. This is usually only possible with additional training.

Drama-based training is one of the best ways you and your employees can learn the difference between true sincerity and dubious assertion. Role-playing different situations where you are able to compare authenticity and warmth to insincerity and aloofness can create a clear picture of how you would like to market yourself and your organization. Invite a professional coach to help instruct these situations. This type of exercise gives your staff an opportunity to discuss their concerns and attempt various approaches towards better communication.

Address some of the more serious problems your workers may come across. For instance, discuss what is appropriate to say when you need to extend condolences for the death of a loved one. Try expressing appropriate ways to create joy when a co-worker receives a promotion, regardless of hard feelings. Exhibit how you can start with a really angry, irrational client and end with a reasonable, calm client who thinks your organization is amazing!

Empathy Marketing is not meant to deceive nor is it a dishonest maneuver. It allows your business to inspire trust and confidence. This is a tool of integrity. The two greatest messages your organization should emit to clients or potential clients are messages of trust and ethics.

Empathy Marketing allows for long term relationships amongst employees, clients, and business associates. These relationships will prove to be even more productive because your organization is controlling the end result. (The end result being a perception or desired impression you'd like your organization to convey.)

It is important to remember that perception is reality. In other words, what others perceive about your staff and business eventually becomes truth.

The main concern is that all of your staff be viewed as experts. As an expert in your field, knowledge about your organization is the only attribute that supersedes the importance of learning how to apply influence. You would not think twice about informing your staff about the internal aspects of your organization, now it is time to concentrate on this powerful external instrument. Everyone connected with your organization from the receptionist to the CEO should possess the power to persuade, motivate, and win support from others. This invaluable training will be yet another important tool that will give you a competitive advantage to ensure that your business continues to shine when viewed by others. When you shine, you look like an expert. Where will folks want to go and do business, except to an expert?

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