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Point of view typically dictate the lens from which a story is told. Details and thoughts to which your reader becomes privy to is typically dependent on whether you're writing on the first, second or third person perspective.

When a writer starts to use his or her points of views that means they are trying to cope up and understand what the subject really means in order to give out their own idea about the topic. Sometimes, the term point of view is being abbreviated into POV and there are three types of it, the first person, second person and third person POV.

Writing an essay using POV may be a lot easier since the writer can turn to his or her own ideas about the issue. The problem is it can be also a bit troublesome if you don't know how to convey your message in your essay with the use of these POVs. There are times that a writer doesn't even know what type of POV he should use. I guess this is the perfect time to determine the appropriate POV for your essay that was assigned unto you.

If you've been looking to vary the overall feel of a piece you are creating, the point of view is one of the first things you should look at changing. When you write from a specific POV, the overall character of the narration is immediately subject for change that might go beyond what a typical correcting session using a writing software can offer.

First Person POV

On the first person, the narration is performed in the main protagonist's own voice. If you want to write with a personal tone and to which all statements are tantamount to first-hand observations, this style is typically what you would like to write under.

This is where the writer uses the "I" voice in order to narrate his or her essay to the public. It also draws a lot of reader close to the narrator since they can even relate of put them on the shoes of the writer.

Second Person POV

In the second person, stories are told about the reader, referring to a protagonist as "You," as has been successfully used in material such as the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series.

Third Person POV

The third person is typically written from the point of view of a third-party, detailing observation and report of events for the main protagonist's. Usually, the writer uses a panoramic bird's eye view about how his or her characters of the story will takes place in order to let the people visualize what the scenario is all about. This is commonly used for stories or novels or any scenes that uses a lot of characters just to run the passage.

A writer can also use all of these types of points of views or a combination of any of them. However, this is only applicable if your know how to set your writings in an organize manner and knowing the purpose of your topic.

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