Cardiovascular Health - What You Eat Makes a Difference

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The number one cause of death in the United States is cardiovascular disease. - Everybody knows this, the numbers have been pounded into our heads for years now, and it comes as no surprise that heart health is becoming a hotter and hotter topic. Fortunately for us, there are so many things that can be done and started at any age to keep our hearts healthy and prevent these terrible illnesses from befalling us. Of course exercise and staying fit are one of the most well known, but did you know there are plenty of foods and vitamins that have been shown to have incredible impact on heart health and reducing our risks for heart disease?

We start with vitamins. Those same things that were put into colorful little tablets and everyone told you were so good for you as a child are just as important now that you're an adult. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that our hearts can greatly benefit from these vitamins. B vitamins have been shown to play an active role in keeping our heart and arteries healthy, particularly vitamins B6 and B9. When our bodies lack these vitamins, it overproduces a substance called homocysteine. This substance is known to attack your blood vessels and heart, weakening them and greatly increasing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Taking enough of these vitamins enables our body to properly regulate homocysteine, and keep our heart and arteries stronger and happier.

The foods you eat are one of the most important factors to your health. Whatever you put in your body gets absorbed, so when you're eating nutritious foods you're going to be a much healthier person. There are plenty of foods out there that have been shown to be very effective in keeping your body healthy.

Blueberries are a great little fruit that are absolutely wonderful for your heart. They contain antioxidants called anthocyanins. Not only are they perfect for their benefits in fighting off free radical damage, but studies have also shown that by eating blueberries you can reduce the risk for getting certain kinds of cancer and lowering your chances of heart disease as well. They are very easy to incorporate into your diet, as they are very portable and snack sized, as well as great for tossing into salads or yogurt.

Fish is another good option for maintaining a healthy heart. Fish happen to be loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Scientific studies have shown these fatty acids as being instrumental in reducing cholesterol levels, directly helping your heart and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. There are also fish oil supplements, which provide these Omega-3 fatty acids.

Now we come to fiber. Dietary fiber is renowned for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, greatly improving your heart health and reducing your chances for developing heart complications. It's also extremely easy to find. It comes naturally in whole-wheat, fruits such as bananas and apples, and vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. Because dietary fiber is found in such a diverse range of foods, there is simply no excuse for not getting your recommended daily amount. So go ahead and throw some veggies in a stew, get the fruit cup at lunch, or turn to whole-wheat breakfast cereals.

While there are many things we know to avoid to keep our hearts at their healthiest, there are just as many if not more things we can do for them as well. Eating heart healthy foods and making sure we get enough vitamins can drastically help in reducing our chances for heart disease. Taking care of your heart now is more important than ever, and reducing our risks of becoming another victim of cardiovascular disease can mean the difference between life and death in the future.
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