The Chief 3 Errors Acne Sufferers Make Causing Them Endure Acne Longer Then They Have To

by Leokiesen - Date: 2007-02-19 - Word Count: 471 Share This!

Let me put it to you straight

I speak to plenty of acne sufferers. Some are outstandingly successful right off the bat. Those that have problems Ive observed share some commonalities.

Heres some of my observations of the pitfalls acne sufferers face and how to side-step them.

#1 Mistake: They think the difficulty is with their skin and try to correct the difficulty with creams or gels...

Acne, all acne, be it adult acne or teenage acne is not a skin disease. Now, before you think Im going raving mad please listen...

How healthy your skin is only an external view of your internal health.

To cure your acne you must forever give up the idea that you will be able to apply something on your skin that will cure your acne...that the problem is with your skin.

How do you correct the inner problem? We'll get to that so stay with me.

#2 Mistake: They dont understand WITH EXACTNESS whats really causing their acne...

Some say brownies causes acne. Others blame it on too much sex, or birth control pills, or lack of birth control pills.

Then others say its the wrong diet or bad hygiene. While others exclaim diet has nothing to do with it...its all your parents fault...

And plenty of other ideas.

(By the way, all of them are wrong. None of them are the acne cause.)

And because they dont know WITH accuracy whats the actual cause of acne they try lots of futile treatments, none of which ever addresses whats causing their acne.

The critical initial step to overcoming your acne nightmare is you must realize with precision what causes it. (If you havent done so yet please see my special report on The Real Cause Of Your Acne.

#3 Mistake: If they are fortunate enough to discover what is causing their acne they dont have a strategy or method that works...

...Or they are absent an vital ingredient thats stopping them from solving the problem.

So they get discourage and give up...Only to jump for the next quick fix acne cream or acne fad...Never correcting the underlying problem. But they never fix the real cause of acne.

They end up suffering longer when they dont have to. And they suffer more when they dont have to.

Please hear me...

...You deserve this reward. Make the time to accurately comprehend whats really causing acne and how to cure it. Trust me, acquiring this knowledge is the best use of your time.

But understand who you are listening to...

Almost no one understands whats the cause of acne. There are so many myths and misconceptions. Learn from those who are getting results who have cured their own acne and have helped other acne sufferers do the same.

I solved my own acne dilemma. And I can show you how. Discover how here:

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