What Sort Of Mp3 Player Accessories Do I Desire?

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The variety of MP3 player accessories available these days is huge-and growing every day. In fact, for just about any situation you can think of where you might use your MP3 player, someone has come up with a unique piece of equipment that will help you get the most from your MP3 files, whether they are music or video. Let's take a look at some of the creative MP3 player accessories that are available, both online and at your favorite local electronics source.
Cases and Other Carriers for Your MP 3
What's one of the best things about MP3 players? Portability, of course! One of the most-used MP3 player accessories for many people is a good, sturdy, great-looking case. Or, if you're a jogger, biker, or skateboarder, maybe what you're looking for is an armband, so you can take your tunes with you while you're on the go. Clips for belts and backpack straps are another popular option. You can expect to pay from $9.99 for some of the least expensive cases, up to $29.99 or more for the higher-end sport armbands or other carriers.
But enjoying your MP3 player isn't always about portability, right? There are lots of great speaker solutions that allow you to get that concert-hall sound right in your living room. Often, these speaker docks will have built-in chargers for your player, and some feature built-in FM radios receivers and other features as well.
Many of the most respected names in sound equipment offer speakers for your MP3 player that allow you to listen to your music with impressive depth and volume of sound. Prices can run from the high $20s to $250 and more, depending on the features you need.
Car Connections
One of the most creative MP3 player accessories on the market today is a device that allows you to listen to your MP3 files through your car's stereo system. In fact, some auto manufacturers have begun installing MP3 inputs at the factory. But even if your ride didn't come with a built-in MP3 jack, don't despair-plenty of vendors have what you need to hear your favorite music (or watch your video files with sound from your car's audio system) while you're cruising down the road. Many of the most popular MP3 player accessories for the car use the FM receiver in your car system to play files through the stereo. Many of these devices, in fact, are wireless-just plug them into the appropriate input on your MP3 player, tune them to the proper FM band, and you're all set!
Other Cool Stuff
The above list is nowhere near exhaustive. Other MP3 player accessories that can enhance your enjoyment of your system include headphones and ear buds, FM-capture devices that allow you to convert FM radio to MP3 files, universal docks, headphone splitters to permit multiple users to connect headphones to the same MP3 player... and lots more!

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