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by Jinky Mesias - Date: 2006-11-19 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

In the past requesting for printing quotes means one had to call printers one by one or visit one by one local print shops within the area just to get the needed printing quotes. The whole process of calling and then traveling demands for so much time and effort.   And then after one has decided from among the best provider that suits his or her budget then commence the traveling again to the local print shop which is a very tasking endeavor.

After all the effort and time wasted when the time comes to collect the finished printing project you will have the shock of your life because you have to pay more than the printing quotes the shop has provided you earlier. The reason? There are additional costs incurred during the printing process and so you ask why the printer didn’t add the cost to the printing quotes you asked from them earlier? Well, if ever they added the additional printing costs to the printing quotes would you still prefer to take your projects to them knowing that it will costs you a lot? I guess not and so thus the local printer thinks so too.  
Thanks, to the onset of advance technology that brought about the internet canvassing for printing quotes no longer requires strenuous trip to local print shops. Not only that, a great number of online printing services providers offer online computation of submitted printing projects thus providing the customers with ample time to decide whether to send their printing orders or not. Another advantage of online printing quotes is in terms of the comfort derived from it since one has to merely browse on the net  and may even open up several sites of printing companies at the same time. This provides customers with the chance to compare prices and then choose from among the providers which they think can answer all their needs.

Likewise, some online printing services provider have friendly customer service that are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week if ever you may have any question regarding the printing quotes they have sent you. And it is much convenient and quick to request for several variations of the printing quotes for your printing project. You will not be made to wait for a couple of days since most of the printing quotes online only takes a couple of minutes or an hour or so to process.

Getting your printing quotes online enables you to have a smooth forwarding of your print job without the unnecessary delays. Furthermore, online printing quotes when compared to the printing quotes provided by local print shops one may notice the big difference in terms of the costs listed. Online printing services providers offers much lower cost compared to its brick and mortar competition. And another advantage of sending printing projects to online printing companies is that there are no extra costs incurred unlike taking print projects to local print shops. The reason why online printing companies can offer a much lower price is that they have the necessary equipments for all sorts of printing jobs unlike local print shops.

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