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Internet experts all agree, for real Internet success and to make serious money online, you need to create your own product.

But what if you are a newbie? You are not an Internet expert yet. So what have you got to say?

You don't have to write about the Net. There are already loads of books about all aspects of Internet marketing, and more are coming online every day. You probably will not want to compete in this area.

Write about something you are passionate about. When I was on a postgraduate creative writing course, one of my fellow students told me she wanted to be told what to write about. I thought that was weird. Don't you know what you care about? Write about your passion, your hobby. Your readers will pick up on your enthusiasm.

You could also write about something you hate. Maybe you can't stand to do the dishes. Or you hate paying bills at the end of every month (who doesn't?). You can attract many readers who share your pet hates and you can share with them your strategies for getting around these chores.

Or maybe you just want to get away from it all. Produce an eBook about your recent vacation, complete with photographs. There will probably be loads of other people who are considering vacationing there, or who are looking for a new holiday destination.

If you don't think you have useful or valuable things to say, you can always interview other people whom you admire and who you think are contributing to people's lives.

Like Isaac Dweben, an accountant who did not come from a medical or scientific background. But when his brother died of cancer, he realised there was a need that was not being met. People of African heritage needed somewhere to go where they could get help, advice and support about cancer, both for themselves and for their family members. So even though he had a full-time job, he took time out to set up Cancer Black Care. I was honoured to be able to interview him for my book Black Success Stories Volume 1.

One of the great things about conducting interviews is that I get to meet people who are contributing to our community, making a real difference in people's lives.

Another great thing about interviewing people is that I have learned so much. For example, when I interviewed coach and speaker Shola Arewa, she told me her method for helping people to find the money to attend her courses and trainings. People would approach her and ask her for a discount and, at first, she would give discounts. But once she realised that her business was suffering because she was losing income, she found a different strategy which helped everyone to win.

You can get cheap or free software to produce your eBook. For example, pdf 995 lets you produce pdfs for free or, for a one-off payment, you can get a version that does not include advertising.

Be sure to include links to your products in the eBook to help you bring targeted traffic to your site. Your readers already have an interest in your products so this is an effective way of attracting customers within a niche market.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can also include links to your affiliate programs. It's important that you include fresh, original content from your own personal experience. This is what will keep your readers' interest and make them want to come back for more. If you have used affiliate marketing strategies that work, write about that.

If your strategies have produced results that you were not happy about, you can write about that too. What mistakes have you made, and what have you learned from them? What would you do differently next time? Your readers may learn the most from your descriptions of what has not gone exactly to plan.

Once you have completed your eBook, you will need to advertise it. There are many eBook directories where you can list your products, such as the one on my site (see About the Author below).

You will need to decide whether you want to sell your eBook or give it away for free. Free eBooks are brilliant for viral marketing because website owners can give away your eBooks from their sites or send them to their list. So ultimately, millions of people all over the world may read your eBook and click on your links.

If you attract advertisers for your product, you can give it away for free and still make money. For example, if you wrote about your vacation, you may be able to get a travel company to advertise in or sponsor your eBook.

Publishing eBooks is an easy and effective way to bring target traffic to your website and increase your sales.

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