5 Things To Consider To Ensure The Right Bathroom Rug

by Samantha Kay - Date: 2007-06-04 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

There's more to choosing a bathroom rug than just going with a pretty color, paying and walking out the door. Or, at least there should be.

Rugs chosen for this room in particular need to be able to handle some very special circumstances. Few places in a home will test a rug's ability to stand up to a beating more. The only thing that comes close to comparing is an entryway rug.

Before grabbing the first bathroom rug that catches the eye, it's a good idea to consider these things:

* Colors and design theme of the bathroom. While not everyone really takes these into account, design conscious bathroom owners do. Make sure the rug adds to or accentuates the design chosen for the bathroom. These might look like little accent features that don't account for much when you're standing in the store, but once home, bad choices will really stand out. For example, those fantastic looking striped rugs might look good in the store, but will they really add to a bathroom that has a floral design?

* Slip-proof or resistant design. This won't matter as much in a bathroom that has carpeted floors, but on tile and vinyl it will. If the rugs being considered don't have some sort of backing them helps them grip, or it can't be added after the fact, these little devices can actually become dangerous. To prevent slippage, most bathroom rugs come with some sort of rubberized backing.

* Quality. That $7 rug might look like a great buy compared to the bathroom rug next to it that costs $30, but if the quality is a whole lot higher on the more expensive rug, the cheaper one might not be worth its price. Examine quality carefully. Things to check for include the backing, the thickness of the threads and how plush the rugs happen to be. Plush might not seem important in the store, but it will to wet feet at home.

* Washing quality. Bathroom rugs quickly become exposed to some pretty gross things. Whether it's a child's bathroom or an adult's, it's a very good idea to choose rugs that can be washed and are of the right size to toss in the machine. Spills, accidents, missed toothpaste applications and more all end up on these rugs. They should be able to ensure regular, if not frequent, washing.

* Bathroom rated. It's one thing to find a perfect rug for the hall and another entirely to locate the ideal throw for the bathroom. A good bathroom rug should be able to handle a lot of potential moisture content without falling apart. Make sure the rugs chosen can do this or it's possible they won't last long.

If the right design and quality are a concern in buying a bathroom rug, then it's likely the shopping trip will take a little longer than grabbing the first thing that catches the eye. When careful consideration goes into one of these buys, the resulting purchase should not only look good, but perform very well, too.

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